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A graduate degree in psychology can open the doors to a lot of career options. It is the only graduate degree which helps in understanding the thought perspective of humans and equips you to be in a better position to communicate with others. The variety of options available after majors in psychology makes the decision even more difficult. The two career options which interest me the most are pediatric psychology and marketing. I have chosen one of the career options in the field of psychology only and another being a different field.
I am interested in pursuing a career in marketing and being more involved in the creative design rather than analytics. Marketing is one career option where I feel the concepts of psychology shall be very useful. Many of my relatives are in the field of advertising or marketing and since child hood I have been somehow fascinated by this world. To grow in marketing apart from the educational qualifications, one needs to have excellent communication skills and structured thought perspective to influence the consumer. Apart from communication which is the most important skill, marketing would require strong skills to build or develop client relationships, creative writing skills in order to articulate your thoughts in a manner that it has an impact on the reader, out of the box thinking and the educational qualifications. One would need knowledge about data crunching as well, though I am not good in maths but I feel I can manage the basic levels. Pursuing a career in marketing, one can work either with multi nationals like FMCG companies, in a branding profile or product development profile, or maybe marketing for e-commerce companies which would require extreme levels of out of the box thinking. Also one may work for certain NGOs to help advertise their cause, create awareness, and do marketing for them to raise funds. Honestly I have…...

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