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Trails and Verdicts
Joshua Brown
Strayer University
Criminal Justice 100
Dr. Jan Bella

Anything can happen in a court hearing. People can be wrongly accused, be given a plea bargain, or even go to the wrong court. These are just a few things that can ruin someone’s life or the decent name of a state. Below are just a few examples of the injustice that goes on in America.

Trails and Verdicts Court cases can be very complicated. Depending on the severity of the crime will dictate if it is a federal court case or state court case. Besides trying to figure out what kind of court case it is there are multiple variables that can determine the outcome of the case. Sometimes people will take a plea bargain instead of going through with the court hearing process and some people actually get wrongfully accused of crimes that commit. Even if some gets wrongfully accused they can still be trailed and found guilty for the crimes they did not even commit.
Boston Marathon Bombing On April 15, 2013 a very tragic event happened in the United States. A man named Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother planted bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. As people started finishing the marathon the brother set the bombs off killing three people, leaving seventeen people legless, and wounding over another two hundred and forty more. The cause of these young men wanting to do what they did has been identified, as they were Islamic terrorists from the Middle East. With the charges that Dzhokhar was being faced with put him in a federal court hearing in the state of Massachusetts. Dzhokhar was being trailed as a domestic terrorist and eventually he was sentenced to death. The victims of this tragic event are in a split decision in if the outcome fits the crime. Some people are saying an eye for an eye, while others are stating that there is never a reason…...

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