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Telecom Lab 1
HTTP Deliverables -
1. HTTP GET Packet-

Browser - HTTP 1.1
Server – HTTP 1.1
By analyzing the

2. HTTP Packet is sent over TCP
3. Source port for HTTP GET – 50049 Destination port for HTTP GET – 80
4. Language browser supports – English US

5. My IP Address: IP Address of server:

6. The status code returned by the server to your browser – 200 OK
7. The Last-Modified Date for the HTML file at server is- Tue, 03 May 2011 16:34:53
8. 17807 bytes of content is being returned to your browser. screenshot 9. Approximately 13 GET requests. As this is by default persistent HTTP connection, for each object there will be a GET request.


10. There were 2 data containing TCP segments containing 1460 and 705 bytes respectively for a total of 2165 bytes.
11. What other protocols were used by your computer to retrieve the content? What were not used to retrieve the content?

Deliverables – DNS Lab
IP Address –
DNS IP address –;

1. DNS query and response messages are sent over UDP.
2. Destination port for the DNS query message – 52
Source port of DNS response message – 50280
3. IP address is the DNS query message sent – Using ipconfig to determine the IP address of your local DNS server. -
Yes, they are same.
4. “Type” of DNS query – A. No answer in the query message.
5. Number of “answers” provided – 3
6. This web page contains images. Before retrieving each image, does your host issue new DNS queries? Why or why not?
The host does not issue new DNS queries. The last DNS query that is made is for because the system is unaware of the IP address of ietf initially.…...

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