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Boart Longyear

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Boart Longyear

Drilling company, that sells tools and equipment ( Companie de forage )

leading provider of mineral exploration drilling services

Sur leur site c’est écrit quils recherchent 9 Compétences chez leur employees , notamment :

* Safety, working ethically with integrity, delivering Results, focusing on the Customer ( That’s when I come into play ) , Effective communication, Solutions Oriented ( Always finding new innovative techniques, ca fait parti de leur projet Champions Change ) , teamwork and diversity ( tu dois savoir coopérer ac des gens qui viennent de partout dans le monde ) , Business Acumen ( Support the goals of the company with your know how of how the business works )

Boart Longyear™ is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah publicly listed on the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) in Australia. ( Ils sont quote en bourse en australie )
Regional offices and operations are located in Asia Pacific, North and South America, Europe and Africa.
Boart Longyear is a trusted partner and global leader in providing world-class drilling services and products to the global mining industry.
The company also services industries in water exploration, environmental sampling, energy, and oil sands exploration.
( Je trouve que c’est important que tu dises ces 4 trucs pske on risqué vraiment de te demander ca )

. Boart Longyear conducts contract drilling services in more than 40 countries, and provides mining products to customers in over 100 countries.

Very focused on Innovation, leader in drilling and mining tools and equipment.

1888, Edmund J Longyear drilled the first diamond core hole in Minnesota.

Need for sustainable technologies, keeping in mind the environnement ( Pas trop polluter ), the people where they drill ( Ne pas affecter les gens ou ils drillent) and give back to the community ( Charité)

Ton Job ( Selon moi ce que tu devrais dire en anglais )

You can expect me to be self motivated, independent, and really focused on giving the most diligent client service.

In my previous work experiences, I have always been very keen on giving more than satisfactory results to my employers, and I have rarely if never failed at any tasks that were given to me.

I enjoy finding the solutions or answers individually. I appreciate the challenge, and being a secretary requires to be really autonomous, and a good multi tasker. ( faire plusieurs choses en meme temps ) Women are usually good at this, so that should be fine ( Blague pour détendre l’atmosphère )

I am at ease with talking to individuals I do not know, and I can guarantee that what needs to be will definitely be done if I am in charge of a particular task.…...

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