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Bogus Outline and Introductory Paragraph Worksheet

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Outline and Introductory Paragraph Worksheet

Create an outline and introductory paragraph in preparation for writing a complete Personal Plan due in Week Five.

Use the following information to assist you with the content of your outline and introductory paragraph:

• Ethical Lens Inventory results
• Career Interests Profiler results
• Career Plan Building Activity: Competencies results
• Your SMART goals, including those identified in the University of Phoenix Material: Goal Setting

Use the following to assist you with the writing of your outline:

• Sample Outline in the CWE
• MyFoundationsLab: The Writing Process
• MyFoundationsLab: Prewriting


Introduction 1. Topic a. Subtopic b. Subtopic 2. Topic a. Subtopic b. Subtopic

Use the following to assist you with the writing of your introductory paragraph:

• MyFoundationsLab: Developing and Organizing a Paragraph
• MyFoundationsLab: The Topic Sentence
• MyFoundationsLab: Recognizing a Paragraph

Introductory Paragraph:


Introduction 1. Study Habits a. Time Management b. Study Areas 2. Reading Habits a. Comprehension b. Distractions

Introductory Paragraph:

My study habits for college by far have been substandard. I need to improve on my overall study habits. I will have to create and stay with a plan of action. The plan I will create is a calendar to organize my time, and my efforts to all of my classroom assignments and studies. I have found that going to my room with my door closed will help to stay focus on my study habits. My room is a quiet place with very little distractions, so by going to my room I can focus on studying for homework assignments and tests.
There is still some work I need to improve my reading habits. My…...

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