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Bone Mechanics

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Title: Bone Mechanics

-To become familiar with LabView software and National Instruments, in order to record and observe the strain signals from chicken bone and an aluminum rod.

Data acquisition is the use of computer software connected to a measuring device. Signals and measurements are recorded, which is converted into a digital signal only understood by a computer. Data is recorded at a certain speed that is processed in real time, and can be immediately interpreted by the user. For this lab, LabView Software was used as the main hub of the data acquisition system. LabView mainly consists of the Front Panel and Block Diagram, of which the Front Panel is the user interface and the Block Diagram is where the graphing codes are written for the application.
In this lab the strain response of two different materials were measured as stress was applied to them. The materials were an aluminum rod and a chicken bone. Strain (ᵋ) is the change of length of the material over the initial length.

As we increase the stress on the material, there will be an increase on the strain on the material as well. Stress is the force (F) over cross-sectional area (A) applied on the material. The area is constant, so stress can be assumed to be directly proportional to the force applied. In this lab, heavy objects (metal bolts) were hung from the chicken bone to apply stress. Gravity (G) is mass (m) by acceleration (a). Acceleration is a constant. ᵟ = FA E= σε

In this lab, the materials were already set up. The initial reference measurement of the aluminum rod was taken and calibrated to be within 0.05% error. As weight was progressively added to the cup, LabView was used to record the strain response of the material at the specific stress. The results were recorded and then the strain response of the chicken bone was observed. The task of adding weight progressively was repeated, and the results were recorded.

For aluminum rod

Date | ######## | | Time | 8:42:55 | | Y_Unit_Label | Strain (strain) | X_Dimension | Time (s) | | X0 | 42:55.3 | | Delta_X | 0.00062 | | ***End_of_Header*** | X_Value | Strain | Comment | 0 | 1.47E-05 | | 0.00062 | 1.49E-05 | | 0.00124 | 1.50E-05 | | 0.00186 | 1.48E-05 | | 0.00248 | 1.49E-05 | | 0.0031 | 1.56E-05 | | 0.00372 | 1.42E-05 | | 0.00434 | 1.43E-05 | | 0.00496 | 1.48E-05 | | 0.00558 | 1.54E-05 | | 0.0062 | 1.49E-05 | | 0.00682 | 1.45E-05 | | 0.00744 | 1.39E-05 | | 0.00806 | 1.40E-05 | | 0.00868 | 1.44E-05 | | 0.0093 | 1.51E-05 | | 0.00992 | 1.46E-05 | | 0.01054 | 1.43E-05 | | 0.01116 | 1.43E-05 | | 0.01178 | 1.52E-05 | | 0.0124 | 1.30E-05 | | 0.01302 | 1.54E-05 | | 0.01364 | 1.50E-05 | | 0.01426 | 1.44E-05 | | 0.01488 | 1.45E-05 | | | | | | | |

For Chicken Bone Date | ######## | | Time | 9:08:18 | | Y_Unit_Label | Strain (strain) | X_Dimension | Time (s) | | X0 | 07:47.6 | | Delta_X | 0.00062 | | ***End_of_Header*** | X_Value | Strain - | Comment | 0 | 0.000115 | | 0.00062 | 0.000113 | | 0.00124 | 0.000113 | | 0.00186 | 0.000112 | | 0.00248 | 0.000114 | | 0.0031 | 0.000113 | | 0.00372 | 0.000113 | | 0.00434 | 0.000114 | | 0.00496 | 0.000114 | | 0.00558 | 0.000113 | | 0.0062 | 0.000114 | | 0.00682 | 0.000114 | | 0.00744 | 0.000113 | | 0.00806 | 0.000114 | | 0.00868 | 0.000112 | | 0.0093 | 0.000113 | | 0.00992 | 0.000113 | | 0.01054 | 0.000113 | | 0.01116 | 0.000114 | | 0.01178 | 0.000114 | | 0.0124 | 0.000114 | | 0.01302 | 0.000112 | | 0.01364 | 0.000114 | | 0.01426 | 0.000112 | | 0.01488 | 0.000114 | | | | |…...

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