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Bryce Walker-Byrd
Case Country: Brazil
The country I have selected to for this particular case country project is Brazil. I have never visited this country, however, its abundant and fascinating qualities have always intrigued me. From the intricate cuisine to the astonishingly beautiful women it contains, Brazil seems to almost rival the United States in diversity and appeal. The country has also begun to establish itself as one of the largest economy’s in the world, ranking seventh according to the GDP. Despite all of these qualities that have furthered my desire to visit this wonderful city, I never took into account its diversity and intrigue from an agricultural perspective. With me being a business marketing major, it came as almost instinct to view Brazil from its financial and business aspects. However, in order to fully appreciate this country and its emerging financial power, one must first look at the underlining factors, such as its process of achieving agricultural sustainability. Although there is certainly a correlation between Brazil’s booming economy and its conscious efforts in achieving ultimate agricultural sustainability, this particular document will be mostly geared towards the agricultural component of this relationship. More specifically, I plan to address connection between Brazil’s pursuit of agricultural sustainability and the rising levels of deforestation and land distribution inequality occurring in the country. In order to effectively illustrate this phenomenon, I will provide information as well a narrative to give a better understanding. Agriculture is certainly one of the most important basis of the Brazilian economy. As a result, Brazil has developed a large-scale commercial agricultural system, revered globally for its role in domestic economic growth and expanding exports. Roughly thirty-one percent of land in Brazil is utilized as cropland. The major products produced and/or cultivated by Brazilian farmers are; coffee, sugarcane, soybeans, corn and beef, however, there are a wide range of other crops being produced as well. The production of crops is designated by farmers based on the region in which they live; these regions are composed Northeast Brazil, Southern Brazil, and Central Brazil. Northeast Brazil is an agricultural area that also includes some of the Amazon Basin. This particular region is much more dry and less ideal for agriculture than the other two regions. It receives very little rainfall, and as a result, experiences droughts and consistent nutrition necessary for the development of good soil. The majority of farmers who occupy this area are “subsistence farmers” those that live off of their own produce. Despite these negative aspects of the region, there are a few crops produced and cultivated in this region that play a vital role in Brazil’s exports. These crops include; cocoa, tropical fruits, and resources cultivated in the Amazon Basin. Central Brazil, also known as the cerrados to locals, is considered to be a modern marvel from an agricultural standpoint.

This area was once isolated and lacked the roads and infrastructure needed to support communities. Thus, for hundreds of years, people assumed that the land was unsuitable for farming and was not used by farmers. However, with the establishment of roads and the necessary infrastructures to support communities, Central Brazil has transformed into a heavily utilized area for mechanized crop agriculture; much like that of the United States. Although the soil in this region is not necessary ideal for farming crops such as corn, wheat, carrots, etc. the conditions are perfect for the farming of soybeans. This region is also home to the majority of cattle farming in the country; arguably the most important export. Southern Brazil is viewed as having the most fertile soil, compared to the other regions, and also receives the most rainfall. As a result, the crops are well irrigated and maintained. This particular region also holds the most advanced technology, in regards to farming, as well as more experienced farmers in the area. Due to these factors, this area is responsible for producing the majority of crop exports and grain.

Brazil has made leaps and bounds in the progression of its agricultural development, there have been negative repercussions associated with its speedy occurrence. The country has been subjected to both, high deforestation rates and land distribution inequality among its people. I will begin to further address each issue. APOLOGIZE, DID NOT FINISH

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