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Breathing and Pilates

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Write an essay on your personal experience using tactile cues to facilitate proper breath, axial elongation, organization of head, neck and shoulders, spine articulation and alignment. Make note if you were successful in facilitating desired outcomes. How did you know whether or not you were successful?
Touch can help a Pilates student to relax a muscular tension or a contracted structure. Comfortable contact can also help to move a segment or give a proprioception to expand structures like the rig cage during a breathing for example.
Most people react with pleasure to the touch of the therapist if it is provided with a non invasive palpation, respectful and not abruptly. The touch should be gentle and firm at the same time. Firm in order to lead a movement, to shape a body structure. When we touch a person we must be connected and focused on the information that we want to give her.
It must be a clear intention in the touch that we are given. Should have a communication between the tactile cue and the client, a good touch can lead a correct gesture while transmit a positive energy .
We should take care not to force a movement with a touch overdone . We must inform the client's body and motion path with a delicate and precision tactile cue.
The more the therapist is connected with the student, with a accurate intention the best will be the conduction of the gesture, facilitating the clients understanding.
Excess of touches can confuse the student. Be careful not to touch different segments at the same time.
Breathe: put your hands in the student's ribs and ask him to expand the rib cage against your hands during the inspiration. In the course of expiration conduct the ribs down, in direction of the pelvis and ask him to get the ribs away from teacher's hands. You can observe if the student expands one side of the rib cage more than the other or also if he…...

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