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Analyse a business plan

Business Plan 1 – The following answers parts 1 to 4, including a comparison with the criteria for an effective business plan and the associated strengths and weaknesses.

The business plan ‘Quality Training’ has been implemented for the purpose of providing high quality training to clients to improve the productivity and performance of participants. To analyse the business plan, we will be assessing the report in its relevant sections.

Firstly, the cover sheet identifies the key element of the business name. However, other relevant details such as the author – assumed to be the joint owners Michael Chapman and Elliot Berkley – contact details and a brief statement of the purpose have all been incorrectly omitted. Accordingly, it appears that the cover page of the report is not fulfilling its objective and providing the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the report when first viewed.

Accompanying the cover sheet is the executive summary. The general purpose of executive summaries is to provide a comprehensive summary of the reports features, which can be read in isolation. Hence, the executive summary begins with summarising the main points of the business plan. However, this has been undertaken in an extensive and incoherent manner. The executive summary then proceeds to outline the objectives – written guide, intended audience, scope – then follows with the objectives of the overall company. The mission and keys to success are also detailed in a concise and effective manner. Accordingly, overall the executive summary has failed to include the what the business plan is requesting from the reader.

Secondary to this, it appears a description of the business and its structure has been neglected until the following section of the business plan. Despite this, the company structure at section two is impressive and…...

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