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Bsbwor501 Manage Personal Work Priorities

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(Please print your name) ____________________________________



CANDIDATES - Please submit this entire document (do not separate or remove pages) – with this page completed as required – and place at the top of your assessment document

CANDIDATE TO COMPLETE THE SECTION BELOW | Name | | Address | | Phone | Daytime | | Evening/Mobile | | Email address | | Company name | | Training date(s) | | Training location | | Trainer’s name | | Assessment due date | | Date submitted | | Submission Date | | Resubmit 1 | | Resubmit 2 | | Purpose of the assessment The purpose of this assessment task is to assess evidence for part of a unit/s of competency which in full will lead towards a nationally-accredited qualification I acknowledge the following (all boxes need to be ticked) ❏ The assessment process has been explained to me ❏ I am ready to commence the assessment process. I have been advised of the assessment requirements, my rights and responsibilities as an assessment candidate, and I choose to be assessed at this time ❏ I understand which unit/s to complete, evidence I need to provide, and how to complete this document ❏ I understand my right of appeal, and this has been fully explained to me ❏ I have discussed with my trainer any special needs that should be considered when undertaking this assessment task | Candidate declaration - By signing/dating below, I declare that 1. I have been advised of the assessment requirements for this unit of competency, have been made aware of my rights and responsibilities as an assessment candidate, and choose to be assessed in the above competency standard/s at this time 2. This assessment document is my own and contains no material written by another person except where due reference is made. I am aware that a false declaration may lead to the withdrawal of a qualification or statement of attainment 3. I have made a copy of my work Signed __________________________________________ Date ___________________ |

ASSESSMENT RESULTS SHEET Apex Training Solutions assessor to complete -------------------------------------------------
Results key
C – Competent
R – Resubmit
NYC – Not yet competent
Results key
C – Competent
R – Resubmit
NYC – Not yet competent
Candidate’s name | | Assessor’s name | |

| 1st SUBMISSION | 2nd SUBMISSION | | Result | Date | Result | Date | BSBWOR501 | Manage personal work priorities and professional development | | | | | Comments | Details of any reasonable adjustment provided (if applicable) | Assessor’s signature Date | 1st submission | | 2nd submission | | Feedback provided by candidate | | Assessor sign-off | 1st submission | Assessor’s signature | | Date | | 2nd submission | Assessor’s signature | | Date | | Feedback to candidate (assessors, tick appropriate box below) | ❏ This page copied and given to candidate as an assessment report ❏ A separate report was prepared and given to the candidate (attached) ❏ Feedback was provided to the candidate in another form (explain) ______________________ |

| PAGE NO | Assessment Cover Sheet | 2 | Assessment Results Sheet | 3 | Table of Contents | 4 | PART A | 4 | Contact Information – Apex Training Solutions | 4 | Assessment Instructions for Assessor | 4 | Assessment Information and Instructions for Candidate | 5 | PART B | 6 | YOUR ASSESSMENT TASKS – TASKS 1 and 2 (commencement of) | 6 | Appendix 1 – Workplace Observer’s Checklist (Third Party Report) and Workplace Observer’s Declaration – BSBWOR501 (Optional) | 8 | CHECKLIST - Before submitting your assessment, ask yourself..... | 11 |



APEX TRAINING SOLUTIONS is the Registered Training Organisation responsible for your assessment.

Our contact details are

Phone 02 4976 3330 Fax 02 8580 4914 Web Mailing address PO Box 8030, Summerland Point, NSW, 2259

Please read through information provided in this assessment document, and contact us if you have any questions about your assessment.


Assessor to verbally work through this entire assessment document with candidates, explaining and clarifying requirements.

Assessment due date to be negotiated with candidates – date to be written by candidate on Page 2 (Assessment Cover Sheet) of this assessment document.

Once assessment has been marked, assessor to record results at end of each assessment task in the ‘Result for Assessment Task’ section. If result is deemed to be ‘not yet satisfactory’, assessor to advise candidate accordingly, and negotiate a due date for second submission. If initial result is deemed ‘satisfactory’, result is to be recorded on Page 3 ‘Assessment Results Sheet’, and a copy of this page, together with assessor’s feedback/ comments, is to be provided to candidate within seven business days of completion of marking.

Marked assessment document to be returned to Apex Training Solutions within seven business days of completion of marking.

Assessor to ensure that Apex Training Solutions’ appeals process is explained to candidates as a group.


To be assessed as ‘competent’ in this unit, you must provide evidence that you can

* Establish personal work goals * Set and meet own work priorities * Develop and maintain professional competence

By completing the above to a ‘satisfactory’ standard, you will have met all elements and performance criteria for this unit of competency.

Your overall assessment comprises three tasks (Tasks 1 and 2). There is also the option of a Workplace Observer’s Checklist (Third Party Report) being submitted as part-evidence for this unit of competency. However, it is recommended that you only submit this form of evidence if you meet ALL elements and ALL performance criteria for the COMPLETE unit of competency, and that your experience is current (ie, within the last two years).

Please note that the optional Third Party Report DOES NOT REPLACE Tasks 1 and 2 – it is submitted as additional, supplementary evidence.

Your Trainer/Assessor will provide the following additional information about * Your assessment choices and rights * The deadline for submission of assessment tasks * How to submit your assessment tasks, and to where
Unless notified otherwise, all tasks are to be completed in writing, gathered together into a portfolio of evidence, and provided to your Apex Training Solutions Trainer/Assessor by the agreed due date.
Please use your XXXXX workplace as the focus of each task. All tasks must be completed to a satisfactory standard in order to achieve a 'competent' result overall
If you have any special needs that may require modification of these assessment tasks, please speak with your Trainer/Assessor. He/she will be happy to discuss any relevant modifications.

If research has occurred in order to complete the answer and you (the candidate) quote directly from a source without making any changes to the text, then the source must be referenced for copyright requirements. A note on Plagiarism and Referencing

Plagiarism is a form of theft where the work, ideas, inventions, etc, of other people are presented as your own.

Plagiarism is avoided where

* Information, ideas, etc, quoted or paraphrased from another source, are acknowledged with quotation marks around the relevant words/sentences or ideas, and cited at the end of your document. This means a list of the sources of information, ideas, etc, is provided in alphabetical order by each author’s surname (including author’s full name, name of document/book, etc, and year and place of publishing) such that the assessor or another reader may locate the source information if necessary

* Relevant details of an assessment or assignment are researched and put forward in your own words. Where necessary, include original information, eg, from the Internet, as an attachment
What happens if my result is ‘resubmit’ or ‘not yet competent’?
The only possible assessment results you can obtain are

Result | Code | What this result means | Competent | C | Celebrate! You have earned a statement of attainment for each unit of competency assessed, leading to a certificate qualification if all core and sufficient elective units have been successfully completed | Resubmit | R | Most tasks have been completed to a ‘satisfactory’ standard, but better quality evidence and/or additional evidence is needed before a ‘competent’ result may be awarded | Not yet competent | NYC | The evidence presented suggests that you have not as yet demonstrated your competency in the unit being assessed. In this case, your assessor will work with you to determine a suitable action plan for achieving competence |

Remember that we are not here to ‘fail’ you - our intent is to keep working with you until you achieve competency. If you are asked to re-submit more than once, an additional assessment fee may apply.
What if I disagree with the assessment result?
If you disagree with your assessment result, you have the right to appeal the decision. Please follow the process listed below
1. Discuss your concerns with your assessor. If you do not arrive at a mutually- beneficial solution, then
2. Contact Apex Training Solutions management - we will be happy to help.
What to do
Please do the following
1. Complete all tasks listed in this assessment booklet
2. Organise all completed tasks into a portfolio and submit to APEX TRAINING SOLUTIONS by the assessment deadline


There are two parts to your assessment task requiring your completion, as follows

TASK 1 – Work-related Project
TASK 2 – Professional Development Plan



This project comprises a personal reflection which explains how you would go about managing your work priorities and professional development.

In your personal reflection, please ask yourself and answer the following -

1. What makes a good role model, and how would I ensure that I acted as a role model for employees I supervise? 1. What are the traits of an effective leader? Do I have these traits? How would I develop these traits? 2. How would I ensure that my work goals and plan reflect XXXXX's goals and plans? 3. How would I ensure that I meet my job responsibilities? 4. How would I measure and maintain my personal performance? 5. How would I prioritise my work? 6. How would I use technology to organise and manage my work? 7. How would I ensure that I maintained a work/life balance? 8. How would I ensure that my personal knowledge and skills meet required competency standards? 9. How would I determine my developmental needs? 10. What is my personal learning style, and how would I ensure that I took advantage of learning opportunities? 11. How would I gather feedback from others about my personal performance, and how would I use this feedback to improve my competence? 12. How would I use networks to increase y knowledge, gain new skills, and develop relationships? 13. How would I ensure that I acquired new skills to maintain my competitive edge?

A personal reflection should be written in the first person, eg, 'To measure my personal performance, I would …..'.

A reflection paper cites your reactions, feelings and analysis of a topic in a more personal way than in a formal research or analytical essay. Like any other paper or essay, it should be cohesive and refer directly to the course content, but do not simply summarise what you have read or done.

A reflection paper should be as organised as any other type of formal essay. Please include an introduction, a body, and summarise the conclusions you reached during the process.

Your reflection should be approximately 2500 words in length. You should demonstrate that you have conducted your own research. You should also use real life examples to illustrate the points made in your reflection, where possible.


You are required to develop a professional development plan with career objectives, together with an action plan. To assist in the development of your plan, you are required to seek feedback on your professional competency.

You are also required to keep a journal containing your reflection on and explanation of the process of planning professional development.


1 Assess your personal knowledge and skills against competency standards such as enterprise-specific competencies, or nationally-endorsed units of competency.

2 Seek written feedback from two people who are familiar with your work and can assess aspects of your professional competency (such as employees, colleagues, clients or supervisors). 3 Using the template provided as Appendix 2, develop a professional development plan. Please include

Development opportunities such as training. Include opportunities to undertake within 1 year and within 5 years.

New skills you aim to acquire to achieve or maintain a competitive edge.

Planned participation in networks or professional associations to enhance professional development.

Timeframes in which to achieve development opportunities, new skills, participation in networks.

4 Submit your professional development plan and feedback to your assessor.

(BSBWOR501) Manage personal work priorities and professional development


Dear XXXXX Workplace Observer

Your role in the observation process

We are the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) conducting training and assessment of your employee, (name of employee), who is currently studying the (BSB50215) Diploma of Business. Part of this course involves (name of employee) being able to manage personal work priorities and professional development in the XXXXX workplace, and in order for him/her to be deemed ‘competent’, we require your assistance via a Third Party Report. Should you require clarification of any aspect of this role, please do not hesitate to contact Apex Training Solutions on 02 4976 3330, or email the Managing Director of Apex Training Solutions, Di Alex, at

We value your contribution and ask that you answer all questions honestly, and to the best of your knowledge regarding (name of employee). It is most important that (name of employee) conducts his/her workplace performance to the standard expected of you in the XXXXX work environment. Therefore, your comments are critical to the success of this assessment.

The following evidence will be provided to the assessor by (name of employee). Please confirm that this evidence has been produced by (name of employee), and that it has been produced within the previous two years. Some evidence may require use of organisational documents or checklists already in existence. Such evidence should be clearly identified as support material provided by you in the XXXXX work environment. If you have any questions please contact Apex Training Solutions on 02 4976 3330, or email

Please ensure that you complete all parts of the Workplace Observer’s Checklist (Third Party Report), and the Workplace Observer’s Declaration for this unit.

When you have completed the above, please return this document to (name of employee).

Requirements for satisfactory completion

As a general rule, for (name of employee) to achieve a ‘satisfactory’ result in this task, 75% of the items on this checklist should be ticked ‘Y’ (yes)

The checklist begins immediately below.

Unit of competency | (BSBWOR501) Manage personal work priorities and professional development | Name of Candidate | | Name of Workplace Observer | | Workplace Observer’s experience and/or qualifications in WHS, frontline management, supervision, team leadership and/or evaluation of staff performance | | Workplace Observer’s relationship with candidate (eg, supervisor, mentor) | | Workplace Observer’s telephone and email contact details (in most circumstances you will not be contacted) | | Date/s of observation | | Does the candidate consistently meet your XXXXX work environment's performance standards for the following, and during your observation does the candidateYes No (tick the correct response) | Workplace Observer’s comments | | | ESTABLISH PERSONAL WORK GOALS by | | | ❏ | ❏ | Serving as a positive role model in the XXXXX workplace through personal work planning and organisation? | | | ❏ | ❏ | Ensuring personal work goals, plans and activities reflect the XXXXX work environment's plans, and own responsibilities and accountabilities? | | | ❏ | ❏ | Measuring and maintaining personal performance in varying XXXXX work conditions, work contexts and contingencies? | | | | SET AND MEET OWN WORK PRIORITIES by | | | ❏ | ❏ | Taking initiative to prioritise and facilitate competing demands to achieve personal, team and XXXXX work environment goals and objectives? | | | ❏ | ❏ | Using technology efficiently and effectively to manage XXXXX work priorities and commitments? | | | ❏ | ❏ | Maintaining appropriate work-life balance, and ensuring stress is effectively managed and health is attended to? | | | | DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE by | | | ❏ | ❏ | Assessing personal knowledge and skills against competency standards to determine development needs, priorities and plans? | | | ❏ | ❏ | Seeking feedback from XXXXX employees, clients and colleagues, and using this feedback to identify and develop ways to improve competence? | | | ❏ | ❏ | Identifying, evaluating, selecting and using development opportunities suitable to personal learning style/s to develop competence? | | | ❏ | ❏ | Undertaking participation in networks to enhance personal knowledge, skills and work relationships? | | | ❏ | ❏ | Identifying and developing new skills to achieve and maintain a competitive edge? | | What are the candidate’s strengths in this area?What are the candidate’s development opportunities? | Workplace Observer’s signature | Candidate’s signature |

I declare that the information provided by me in this Workplace Observer’s Checklist is an accurate and true reflection of how the candidate, (name of candidate) conducts his/her ‘Manage personal work priorities and professional development’ requirements as I observe them on an ongoing basis in the XXXXX work environment. ______________________________________________ _______________________ Workplace Observer’s signature Date
End of Workplace Observer’s Checklist and Declaration – BSBWOR501

Stop and Check!

Before submitting your portfolio, ask yourself

1. Have I completed all tasks and organised my portfolio according to the Candidate Instructions on Page 6? | □ | 2. Have I completed the Assessment Cover Sheet of this Assessment Workbook and signed the Candidate Declaration as required? | □ | 3. Have I completed all assessment tasks according to the requirements for satisfactory completion? | □ | 4. Have I made a copy of my portfolio before submitting to Apex Training Solutions? | □ | I understand that Apex Training Solutions cannot accept responsibility for assessment portfolios lost in transit. | □ | GOOD LUCK! END OF DOCUMENT | |…...

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...BSBWOR501 MANAGE PERSONAL WORK PRIORITIES AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ASSESSMENT 2 - WRITTEN ASSESSMENT 28/04/2016 Answers: The best way to serve as a role model at workplace is to either have a clear, defined and organised work method and interact successfully with colleagues at all levels. For example a good role model will always organise his work by setting goals, managing time effectively and sharing his personal experience with others, he will also encourage them. Microsoft Outlook - with this software you can manage all tasks such as work projects and family business, it also can be easily looked online by everyone involved in the tasks. It allows to manage tasks and deadlines also. Personal Digital assistant - such as iPads or any other tablet, which allows you to keep connected when you’re away from the office, send out emails, set reminders, keep an eye to your To-Do list. CRM Clients Relationship Database - which lets you save time by gathering all clients data such as names, phone numbers, emails, purchases etc all in one place. Internet - which is the best and most important tool you may use to manage your work, since without internet you wouldn't be able to make researches on a multitude of work related subjects, even when you're away from the office. You won't even be able to synchronise applications such as Outlook or To-Do lists with your colleagues. Management Software - which is used to cope with a multitude of tasks such as payments, wages,......

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Bsbwor501 Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

...05/06/2016 BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development | | Short Answer Questions Question 1 - Build downtime into your schedule. When you plan your week, make it a point to schedule time with your family and friends, and activities that help you recharge. - Get moving. It's hard to make time for exercise when you have a jam-packed schedule, but it may ultimately help you get more done by boosting your energy level and ability to concentrate. - Remember that a little relaxation goes a long way. Don't assume that you need to make big changes to bring more balance to your life. Brooks recommends setting realistic goals, like leaving the office earlier 1 night per week. Question 2 - Organize & Prioritize Create a daily schedule and follow it. Identify the top three or four critical projects that need to be completed. Ensure your task list is manageable, adds value, and benefits your firm. - Stop Multitasking Guilty as charged! In the past I’ve been a master multitasker, or so I thought. I could answer a phone call, respond to an email, and dabble on a project simultaneously. I was satisfied that I could work on several projects at once. In reality, the quality of my work was compromised. Multitasking lowers IQ, lowers EQ (emotional intelligence), slows you down, increases stress levels, and causes mistakes. Master unitasking instead. - Avoid Distractions Did you know that focus is a fundamental quality of productive......

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The Effects on It Personal in the Work Place

...working as a team member, as well as independently * Able to motivate staff to meet project deadlines EDUCATION/TRAINING ITT Technical Institute, San Diego, CA - Associate of Science in Computer Network Systems, Anticipated Graduation, June 2012 – Current GPA 3.81/4.0 * Courses include: Introduction to Personal Computers, Introduction to Computer Programming, Problem Solving, LINUX Operating System, MICROSOFT Desktop Operating Systems, Strategies for the Technical Professional, Network Standards and Protocols, College Mathematics 1 U.S. Marine Corps Trained in Firearms, Leadership, Diversity, Communication, Basic Electronics Maintenance, Computer & Networking System Administration EXPERIENCE IT Customer Support Agent, Mindtouch Inc., San Diego, CA (2011 – present) Help resolve issues faced by the users of the business Wiki Software * Providing first level customer support, e.g. troubleshooting issues with software in various server configuration environment’s * Work with clients to identify specific problems and depending on problem, either passes client to 2nd level support or resolves problem with client. * Install and maintain work laptops * Maintain server room Sales Associate, ESET (Manpower*), San Diego, CA (2010-2011) Assisted with Sales of ESET’s Internet Security products; *temporarily assigned through Manpower. * Open and complete morning opening duties. * Assist with Sales * Provide the public with safer......

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