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“Budgetary Control Is Part of Overall Organisation Control and Is Concerned Primarily with the Control of Performance. the Use of Budgetary Control in Performance Management Has of Late Taken on Greater Importance

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In today world, many organisations have established their divisional offices in several countries and most organisations are going into decentralisation structure whereby each divisional manager can make his/her own decision. A control system is required to improve and consolidate control in their operating, revenue and cost activities.

Budgetary control is described as the process of planning, controlling, coordinating and motivation through money values and departments within an organization. (Ryan, 2007) Budgetary control is a major feature of management control system in most organisations. The use of budgetary control in performance management has become more significant especially as a more integrative control mechanism in most organisations (YÜCEL and GÜNLÜK, 2007).

Thus, this essay will assess the claim on the effectiveness of the budgetary control as a more integrative control mechanism for the organisations and how non-financial performance tool can be used to complement the budgetary control to provide accurate reporting on the performance of the organisation.

Organisational and Budgetary Control

In an organisation, the goals and objectives may differ in within each department, division and individual. It is important that every individual has to change their behaviour towards achieving organisation’s objective. (Flamholtz, Daz and Tsui, 1985).

The organisation’s primary objective is to earn profits. The management uses financial measurement tools such as Economic Value Added (EVA), financial ratios, residual income and Master Budgets etc to measure the performance of each division as well as motivation and control. (Otley, 1999 & 2002)

Hence there is a need to have a management control system for planning, goal setting and performance evaluation. The Budgeting Cycle as shown below is implemented to bring the…...

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