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Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any other mental disorder, responsible for about 20% of deaths. Bulimia is characterized by binge eating, and then using laxatives or vomiting to prevent gaining weight. Bulimia is often paired with anorexia. People with bulimia tend to suffer from depression due to the disgust of one’s self. The cause of bulimia is unknown. Many factors play a role, such as genetic, trauma, family, society, psychological, or cultural factors. Bulimia is likely due to more than one factor. About 50% of people with eating disorders are considered depressed. Many people who suffer from bulimia want to be like the people portrayed in advertisement, whereas only 5% of American females possess this body stature naturally. Ninety-five percent of people with an eating disorder are between the ages 12 and 25, and 25% of college aged women are bulimic. Athletes have a higher chance of being bulimic. Female athletic groups have the highest chance of having an eating disorder.
Bulimic people eat a ‘marker’, such as a carrot and then binge eat. After eating, they purge themselves until they find their marker food. That way they know that they have emptied the contents of their stomach. Signs of bulimia include cavities, bad breath, broken blood vessels in the eyes, dry mouth, rashes, pimples, irregular menstrual cycle, regular trips to the bathroom after a meal, and a pouch-like look to one’s cheeks. Bulimia can cause many complications, including constipation, dental cavities, chronic puke dehydration, hemorrhoids, pancreatitis, swelling of the throat, and tears in the esophagus.
Receiving treatment for bulimia is tough. Therapy and support groups are an important way to get over this illness. Bulimia is a long-term illness, and still suffering from Bulimia is expected when receiving treatment. Family and friends are a very…...

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