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Bureaus and Agencies | Department of Finance

DOF Bureaus and Agencies








The Department of Finance is a government institution that formulates fiscal policy. Carrying out its basic function of revenue generation to ensure adequate financing for the needs of the country has led to an expansion of the DOF’s role over time. Below are the Bureaus, Agencies and Government Corporations under the supervision of DOF. BUREAU OF INTERNAL REVENUE (BIR)As Mandated: 1) Assessment and collection of all national internal revenue taxes, fees and charges. 2) Enforcement of all forfeitures, penalties, fines and execution of judgments in all cases decided in its favor by the Court of Tax Appeals and the ordinary courts 3) Administer supervisory and police powers conferred by National Internal Revenue Code as amended by R.A. 8424 or other laws.

Transparency Seal

Pera ng Bayan
Website : HEADED BY : Kim S. Jacinto­Henares Commissioner Address : BIR National Office Bldg., BIR Road, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines Telephone : (632) 921­0430 (632) 981­7113 Fax : (632) 925­1789 Email :

BUREAU OF CUSTOMS (BOC) As mandated by Section 602 of the TCCP; Assess and collect lawful revenues: 1) Prevent smuggling and other frauds 2) Control vessels/aircraft’s doing foreign trade 3) Enforce tariff and customs laws 4) Control the handling of foreign mails for revenues and prevention purposes 5) Control import and export cargoes6) Jurisdiction over forfeiture and seizure cases

Website : HEADED BY : John Philip P. Sevilla Commissioner Address : Bureau of Customs Building, Port Area, South Harbor, Manila Telephone : (632) 526­6355 Fax : (632) 527­4511

Agency Budget Reports

Agency Procurement BUREAU OF TREASURY (BTR)1) Assist in formulation of policies on borrowing, investment and capital market development;2) Formulate adequate operational guidelines for fiscal and financial policies;3) Assist in preparation by government agencies concerned of an annual program, for revenue and expenditure targets, borrowing levels and cash balances of National Government (NG);4) Maintain books of accounts of the NG cash transactions;5) Manage cash resources of NG, collect advances made, and guarantee and forward cover fees due NG;6) Control and service NG public debt, both foreign and domestic;7) Issue, service, redeem government securities for account of NG as may be authorized by the President pursuant to law.

Financial Reports Budget ng Bayan
Website :


HEADED BY : Rosalia V. De Leon Treasurer Address : Palacio del Gobernador Bldg., Intramuros, Manila Telephone : (632) 527­3184 (632) 522­3592 Fax : (632) 527­7319 Email :

Bureaus and Agencies | Department of Finance

BUREAU OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT FINANCE (BLGF) Department of Finances (DOF) directly responsible over the fiscal and financial affairs of local government. Under a decentralized regime, BLGF provides a catalytic role in effective and sustainable management of fiscal and financial resources of LGUs, transforming them into self­reliant communities. It is vigilant and dedicated to pursuit of development and professionalization of its employees including those of the local treasury and assessment services.Mandate: 1) Section 43 of Executive Order No. 127, as amended, other pertinent provisions of Local Government Code of 1991, BLGF shall: Assist in formulation and implementation of policies on local government revenue administration and fund management; 2) Assist LGU in development and implementation of Real Property Tax Administration (RPTA) projects;

PFM Reform

Website : HEADED BY : Salvador M. Del Castillo OIC, Executive Director Address : 8th Floor EDPC Bldg., BSP Complex, Roxas Blvd., Manila Telephone : (632) 527­2780 (632) 522­8773 Fax : (632) 5272780

INSURANCE COMMISSION (IC) Mandate: 1) To promote growth and financial stability of insurance companies. 2) To professionalize insurance services and develop insurance consciousness among the general populace 3) To establish a sound national insurance market, and 4) To safeguard the rights and interest of the insuring people.

Website : HEADED BY : Emmanuel F. Dooc Commissioner Address : IC Building, #1071 United Nations Avenue Ermita, Manila Philippines Telephone : (+632) 5238461­70 Fax : (+632) 522­14­34 Email :

NATIONAL TAX RESEARCH CENTER (NTRC)Mandate: 1) To promote a tax system that will ensure a fair distribution of the tax burden among the Filipino taxpayers. 2) To recommend necessary improvements in the tax system by conducting continuing quality research on taxation. 3) To provide responsive staff support to fiscal policy makers.4) To provide opportunities for professional growth and promote the well­ being of our personnel.

Website : HEADED BY : Trinidad A. Rodriguez OIC, Executive Director Address : Harbor Centre II, 23rd St. cor. A.C. Delgado St., Port Area, Manila Telephone : (632) 527­2050 (632) 527­2064


Fax : (632) 527­2050 Email :

Bureaus and Agencies | Department of Finance

CENTRAL BOARD OF ASSESSMENT APPEAL (CBAA)Mandate: 1) To warrant observance of the due process of law clause mandated by the Constitution in the assessment and collection of real property taxes by the government,2) To ensure that the taxpayers are given the opportunity to be heard.

Website : BY : Roberto D. Geotina OIC – Commissioner Member Address : 7th Floor, EDPC Building, BSP Complex, Roxas Blvd., Manila Philippines Telephone : (02) 5251410 Fax : (02) 525­1411 Email :

PHILIPPINE DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION (PDIC)INSURER, provides adequate depositor protection and education and ensure immediate processing and settlement of depositor claims;As REGULATOR, conducts diligent monitoring and examination of member banks and implement prompt, decisive and prudent interventions; As RECEIVER, implements efficient receivership, judicious rehabilitation, and expeditious liquidation of closed banks.

Website : HEADED BY : Cristina Q. Orbeta Officer­in­Charge: Address : 4th – 10th Floors SSS Building, 6782 Ayala Avenue corner V.A. Rufino Street, Makati City Telephone : (632) 841­4000 Fax : (632) 817­3566 / 894­5871 E­mail:

PHILIPPINE EXPORT­IMPORT CREDIT AGENCY (PHILEXIM)Mission:To stimulate, increase and develop the export of goods and services, and to facilitate investment in strategic sectors for the country’s development by extending guarantees, insurance, credit and related technical assistance services to viable enterprises

Website : HEADED BY :Francisco S. Magsajo, Jr. President and CEO Address : 17th Floor, Citibank Plaza, 8741 Paseo de Roxas St., Makati City 1226 Telephone : (632) 893­4632 (632) 893­4809 (632) 848­1900 TL Fax : (632) 8934672 Email :

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