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The technological advancements in communication that were discussed in this article are smart sheets from and web 2.0 Mashup by kapok Technolond. Smartsheets are a system that manages your project or business online. These spreadsheets use different designs and layouts to show the data. This data can be shared alongside your co workers where they can find important documents included with the smartsheets or even use your personal or business email to send you notifications. Web 2.0 mash-up is a way we use to think of the future of how diferent apps should be industrialized using things like RSS and java to get the app body and a purpose thru formatting which is catching on so fast because this day and age you do not need a P.H.D. to do this. I could use web2.0 mash-ups in my workplace by putting in an Application programing interface. This will allow people from outside the company to interact with the product of the company true request they (the customer) put in. With me (the maker) able to manage the data like I want the interaction between customer and company are greatly increased at just the tip of the fingers. With smart sheets at the workplace I am able to use my spreadsheets like graphs and tables. I can assign constants to certain columns as well. Smart sheets are the right hand of web 2.0 mash-up and together constantly make technology itself have a hard time keeping up leaving the companies that are not willing to step up their technology far enough behind to see it in their profit margins.
These Technological advancements in communication does not follow what is traditionally considered business communication because in traditional business communication there are three main points. In person meetings, emails, and phone calls. Although technical help and customer service are used to keep the customer content online ads and even paying more for your website to pop up first has outdated the phone calls from salesmen. As we still use emails they can now be linked to phones and video chats and conferences which completely eliminates the cost of flying to all those meetings. (Except the occasional pop-up from corporate) The business sector of life thru business has become a revolving door and if any company or corporation standstill to long then it could miss a revolution of technology.…...

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