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EXP 105 Final Essay Learning is the process of gaining knowledge. This can consist of taking in the world around you and understanding it. There are different ways of learning; studying, practicing, being taught or experience something. During the duration of this course my views of learning has changed. First entering I described learning as absorbing knowledge, which was a simple definition. Now I have a better understanding of what learning is and my learning patterns. My learning scores are sequence 29 (use first), precision 26 (as needed), technical reasoning 17 (avoid) and confluence 21(as needed). When I am learning I like to read through all the text, confirm what is expected of me (sequence). I will imagine and create a blue print of what my project will look like and what information it will have (precision and confluence). After constructing the project, I edit or go over all problems and find solutions to make it work (technical reasoning). To become more of an intentional learner, I had to tether my sequence learning pattern. By not reading all the examples or tables, this gave me more time to intensify my confluence pattern. For this course it was necessary to dig deep and learn about myself as a learner. Confluence and precision helped me brainstorm and get out all of what I was thinking on paper. By forging my technical reasoning pattern, it helps me to edit my work and solve the problems it may have. Learning myself as a learner has helped me to become an intentional learner and a better college student. When using my learning patterns, I tend to stay away from technical reasoning. I am not one to build and construct things. but by fully understanding what technical reasoning is helped me to understand it consists of fixing things and figuring out problems as well. By using; sequence to read instructions, confluence to help me…...

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