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Starbuck’s Case Study
Eric J. Ward
MGT 330: Management for Organizations
Ashford University

Starbuck’s Case Study As the reading has indicated a job description has a couple of key purposes. First being job descriptions “are part of the recruiting process that allows applicants to review what exactly a job entails by reading the job description.”(Reilly, et al., 2011) Next it allows managers and their subordinates to then have the capability to “refer to the listing to see which employee is responsible for any given task.” (Reilly, et al., 2011) This specific portion would allow establish formalization in the work place. My personalized job description for a Starbuck’s employee would be as follows: As a key member of the Starbuck’s family you would be responsible for a wide range of key activities. While working with this world class company you would have the responsibility of taking verbal orders from customers, ringing up their orders on our easily used automated cash registers, cleaning and sanitation of coffee equipment, and simple verbal interactions with the best customers in the coffee drinking world. The job specifications for any specific position would change depending on the company you would apply with. It is obvious that most companies have different intricacies of day-to-day operations. Therefore, with different companies you are going to have change in management and consequently a change in job design. The key to all of this and making sure you are organizing a company to the strengths of your specific situation and that it is maximizing your operations of the given situation. My job specification would be: For this key position that is instrumental in our day-to-day operations we would ask that you have following credentials before applying. We love offering our countries…...

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