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LensCrafters has done an excellent job in creating the perception that they stand above the rest. Offering the latest brands and flexible payment options like “see now pay later” allows customers to splurge on a budget which would not be available with other optometric venues which automatically surpasses their competitors. Their other strong point is that they have an onsite optometrist an labs which means less confusion and a more efficient and positive experience for the customer. Lens crafter also provides a personal consultant that escorts the customer through the experience starting from their eye exam until the final selection of their frames. LensCrafters have come up with an ingenious slogan that summarizes their commitment to consumers that says: “BRINGING your looks into Focus at LensCrafters, we look at your eyes from every angle, from the frame that reflects your style to the lens that helps you see. When we craft your eyeglasses, they’re crafted for your prescription, your face, and the nuances of how you see. So they’re not just the best eyeglasses. They’re your glasses.” (Atom, 2010)

CBP(Customer Benefit Package) The benefits that I found was the basis for LensCrafters success included * Products and the latest designs and Top brands, * Convenience of in store optometrist and onsite Lab * Co-partners with an array of Insurance plans and See now and pay later program that provides twelve months of no interest on your purchase that helps make it affordable for everyone. * Happy and engaged employees to provide excellent customer service Strategic Competitive Prioritiesveryone LensCrafters ability to set itself apart from other by being one of the frontiers of one stop shop optometry, part of their ability to separate themselves from their competitors has been the whole process keeping a step ahead of the pack. They have been able to...…...

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