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In this assignment I will be writing about how my selected four stakeholders will affect the aims and objectives of my chosen businesses. My chosen businesses are John Lewis Company and Mile End Leisure Centre.

My four selected stakeholders of John Lewis Company are Customers, suppliers, employees and managers. The four selected stakeholders of Mile End Leisure Centre are the Government, shareholders, Local community and environmentalists.

How my selected business affect the aims and objectives of John Lewis Partnership:


They way which customers can affect a business are if the customers are not happy with the businesses products then they will not purchase from that business again. This means that business must have reliable products or they will loose customers. If they loose customers than they will not make any profit.
A business must also be customer focussed, so that the suppliers know the customer’s needs and wants.
This can affect the aim of making profit. This will also lead to an affect on another aim which is to expand the business. This is because if they don’t have many customers then they will not be able to make much profit.


The way which suppliers can affect the aims of John Lewis Company is by not allowing the businesses maximise profits. This may happen if the suppliers do not sell products at a low price, which means the John Lewis Company will not be making much profit. Another aim which the suppliers can affect is supplying the business with low quality products. This means that the customers will not be satisfied with the products. Another way which the suppliers can affect the organization is by not delivering products on time.
The aims which can be affected by suppliers are to increase profit, provide high quality products and satisfy customers. These aims can be affected if the suppliers do not…...

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