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Business Communications - Week 2 Memo Reiew

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Memo Review
Shyla M.
July 7, 2014

Memo Review In today’s corporate world, forms of communication range from extremely casual conversations and instant messages to complex presentations and detailed letters. The primary determining factor for which form of communication to use is the audience to which the information will be received as well as the relationship between audience and author. In this paper we will review a University of Phoenix provided accounting memo written from an accountant to the company’s CEO, analyze what information should be included in the memo versus what should be removed; consider if the use of accounting specific jargon is appropriate based on the audience; the CEO; and finally explore what possible repercussion can happen if the memo is not suitable for the targeted audience. In the initial review of the memo, the first error that immediately jumps out is the heading and salutation lines. Both use the acronym “CEO” instead of using the person’s first and last name; which is the more professionally acceptable approach. The CEO may interpret this as either a lack of attention to detail or that the information is generic and not specific to level of authority. Next, the entire memo reads extremely choppy and does not give the reader much lead-in information about why the author has sent the memo to begin with. Since the communication is going directly to the CEO, the introductory paragraph should be clear, concise, and to the point. The remaining communication needs to address what problems are relevant and discuss why it is necessary to consult with the CEO for a solution. There are two additional big red flags with the Alex Accountants memo. The first is the lack of proof reading and the second is the use of accounting specific acronyms. A CEO will not necessarily know accounting jargon,…...

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