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Business Need Kudler Fine Foods wants an application designed to send out a monthly newsletter and coupons using demographic data from the customer database. The internal stakeholders that would be affected by the newsletter and coupons is the organization's staff. The staff would have to know the contents of the monthly newsletter and also what coupons are being sent out. The customers and suppliers would be affected as the external stakeholders. The customers will receive the newsletter along with coupons, encouraging the sale of promotional goods. The suppliers would be affected because the promotional goods would have to be available from them. Kudler would not want promotional goods unavailable. The risks of designing an application to generate a monthly newsletter and coupons for Kudler Fine Foods is minimal. The initial cost of the application would be recouped from the increased sales from promotional items. Depending on the media used, email or letter mail, to send customers the newsletter and coupons, there would be a very minimal monthly cost after the initial application cost. The newsletter and coupons would also function as marketing and advertising for the organization. The application will utilize the demographic information stored in the customer database in order to generate the monthly newsletter and coupons. The coupon details will be controlled by the purchasing manager. The coupons will be tracked at point of sale in order to determine the effectiveness of the newsletter and coupons and to track customer use of coupons.

ID: UC-1
Title: Generate Monthly Newsletter with Coupons
Description: Automated application uses demographic information from customer database to generate monthly newsletter with coupons
Primary Actor: Customer Database
Preconditions: Customer Database has demographic data stored
Postconditions: Monthly…...

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