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! !


sandwiches & wraps!


café club – turkey, ham, bacon, swiss, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and mustard on sourdough ! ! italian sub – capicola, salami, tomato, provolone, shredded lettuce, onion, mayo and oregano vinaigrette on baguette ! ! curried chicken salad – house-made chicken salad with lettuce & tomato on raisin walnut !


turkey & sun-dried cherry – swiss cheese, housepreserved cherries and sliced turkey breast on ciabatta with fresh spinach leaves and mayo! ! turkey & basil pesto – roasted tomatoes, basil pesto, swiss cheese and turkey on ciabatta ! ! ham & asparagus – asparagus, garlic onion chutney, gruyere cheese, mayo and ham on ciabatta ! ! roast beef & caramelized onion – roast beef, maytag white cheddar, caramelized onions with dijon mustard and mayo on baguette ! ! veggie & hummus – hummus spread, roasted tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, asparagus and swiss on ciabatta!

! ! ! ! !

rotisserie chicken wrap – lettuce, pico de gallo, cheese and chicken in a tortilla with red pepper spread! turkey wrap – house-roasted turkey, spinach, artichokes & red pepper spread in a flour tortilla! veggie wrap – hummus, roasted tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, spinach & asparagus + three cheeses in a flour tortilla! C B & J – house-made cashew butter & local tart cherry jam on baguette! LTO’S — your choice of house roasted turkey, roast beef or ham on café sourdough with swiss, lettuce, tomato & onion + mayo and mustard

market box lunch ! your choice of café sandwich with our salad green, fresh fruit cup, & a bakery fresh bar + napkin, fork & wet nap in a labeled box 12.25 !

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


black box lunch! your choice of café sandwich + house-made potato chips, seasonal pasta salad, a bakery fresh cookie, napkin, fork & wet nap in a labeled black box 10.25!

artisan sack lunch! your choice of house-roasted turkey, roast beef or ham on café sourdough with swiss, lettuce, tomato and onion + mayo and mustard. includes a fresh fruit cup and a bakery fresh cookie 8.25!

beverages! coke 1.75! diet coke 1.75! sprite 1.75! dasani water 1.75!

mini sandwich platter! choose 3 of our signature sandwiches, we assemble them on our house-made loaves & cut em’ mini style ( approx. 3” square) 5.50! (2 sandwiches/person - 12 person minimum)!

deli buffet! let your guests “build their own” sandwiches from trays of house-roasted beef, ham & turkey, swiss & provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & pickled onion + mayo & mustard & assorted bakery fresh rolls 5.50! (2 rolls/person - 12 person minimum)!


(priced per person)! house-made potato chips 1.50! pasta salad 1.50! salad green 4.25! fresh fruit salad 2.25! dill pickle spear .65! bakery cookie 1.75! bakery bar 2.35

salads! all salads served with an artisan roll & butter !

! ! !

market salad! today’s variety of lettuces and roasted vegetables + buttermilk basil dressing $9.95 ! add fire-roasted salmon or chicken breast +$4.00! big green! mixed greens, candied walnuts & crumbled feta + balsamic vinaigrette $9.25! add fire-roasted salmon or chicken breast add $4.00! cafe cobb! salad greens tossed with diced ham, turkey, ! bacon, three cheeses, tomatoes and pickled onion $12.25

feasting trays! café cheese tray! chef’s selection of domestic & imported cheeses + cracker bread and an assortment of condiments $79!

! ! ! ! ! !

wood grilled vegetable tray! wood-grilled seasonal vegetables along with roasted red pepper dip $53! crudite and hummus! a selection of garden vegetables & herb flatbread triangles ! + chickpea hummus & buttermilk basil for dipping $53! assorted tortilla rolls ! turkey artichoke, rotisserie chicken & veggie $48! charcuterie & cheese! assorted european style meats & cheeses with cafe cracker ! breads + chef’s accompaniments $79! sliced fruit tray! seasonal fresh fruit & berries with creamy hazelnut dipping sauce $53! smoked salmon side! served with chopped hard-cooked egg, capers, red onion & horseradish sauce + cracker bread $154!

• 10% of the subtotal - $18 minimum! • outside of ames - additional $30! • delivery available 10am-7pm!

! !

• all prices include disposable plateware, ! silverware, serving utensils & napkins! • non-disposable trays/utensils are available ! for an additional charge !

• menu items/pricing are subject to ! market variables! • pricing does not include 7% sales tax! • 3 days notice is requested for all orders! • orders placed less than 72 hours in advance ! may not be accommodated!

ordering is easy!! ! 515.292.2135! !

the cafe
2616 northridge pkwy! ames, iowa 50010! 515.292.0100!…...

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