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Installing Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 3rd Edition

System Requirements
To use Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary–3rd Edition (CALD3) with a PC, you must have:
· 350 MHz processor or faster (800 MHz processor recommended)
· Windows® 2000, XP, Vista or 7
· Super VGA 16-bit colour, 800 x 600 resolution
· CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
· 300 MB free hard disk space (900 MB free hard disk space recommended)
· 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM recommended)
· Adobe® Reader® 7, 8 or 9
· sound card with speakers or headphones
· a mouse or other pointing device
· a microphone if you wish to record yourself speaking.

To install CALD3 on a PC
To install CALD3 on your computer, complete these steps:
1. Turn on your computer.
2. Insert the CD in your CD-ROM drive. Follow the instructions on your screen as CALD3 installs automatically.
You must be allowed to install software on your computer, i.e., have Administrator privileges.

If CALD3 does not install automatically, complete these steps: i. (Windows Vista and 7) Click the START button, then click COMPUTER. (Windows 2000 and XP) Double click on MY COMPUTER. ii. Right-click on your CD-ROM drive and choose EXPLORE to view the contents of the CD. iii. Double-click on the file ‘setup.exe’ and follow the instructions.

How to upgrade to QUICKfind version 1.1
To use the QUICKfind feature of the dictionary with Windows® Vista® or 7 and Internet Explorer® 7 or 8, you must have the latest version of QUICKfind (version 1.1), which is included on your CD-ROM. If you have an earlier version of QUICKfind on your computer, and you chose not to upgrade it when you originally installed CALD3, you must uninstall it and install QUICKfind version 1.1 manually by following the instructions below.

To uninstall an old version of QUICKfind:
1. Make sure CALD3 is closed.
2. Uninstall the old version of…...

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