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Can Maoney Make Person Happy?

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Can make money a person happy?
Everyone uses money. We all want it, what it can do. We know how much we have more or less. We know what things coast and so we have some idea of what we can afford at any given moment. With money we can realize different kind of interesting projects, get a good education, make your life more comfortable and safe. Money plays very important role in our lives. People determine the status of person, his position in society according to their money. Money has an impact in all spheres of human life.
Each of us has his own attitude to money, we have a different perception of having money or not. Some people say that whit money you can buy everything. But then, how much coast the love to family, to friend and health or human life?
I used to think why people are not happy when they have enough money? If I had a billion dollars I would be happy. As I get older, I started to look at the money differently. I realize that money can’t make person happier. I have a little sister; I can buy her toy, ice cream or something else. But I can’t get her love to me with money. Although I can get a good advices from my brother without paying any money.
I am sure that money can’t make a person happy at all but it’s better to worry sitting in a luxury car than in…...

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