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Can There Be Prosperity Without Growth?

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Prosperity without Growth (A case study for Colorful Corporations)





Issues of growth and prosperity have raised many controversies among policy makers. Growth in the economy has been associated with strong GDP levels. Nations are struggling towards achievement of economic growth. Policy makers believe that, through growth, there is prosperity, full employment, stability, and future economic sustainability. Just as humans, growth relies on ecosystems for survival. The question is whether economic growth is substantial for assuring stability and prosperity. Jackson, the author of “Prosperity without growth” has inspired this discussion. According to Jackson, policy makers have of reviewing the current trends of economies (Jackson, 2011, p. 3). The current economic growth has pushed humanity to the edges of environmental, financial and social catastrophe. Growth models have failed to deliver humanity’s major wishes that include; full employment, prosperity and stability. Economic growth is dependent on the environment. Natural resources and ecosystems upon which humans depend on are dying out as a result of economic growth. The future is at risk if economies continue to harm the environment. This paper wishes to prove that there is prosperity without growth; through environmental sustainability programs.
a. To identify conditions that may define a sustainable economy and how they affect CEOs of Colorful Corporations.
b. Providing future vision and strategies that should be considered for a sustainable Colorful Corporation by addressing the following issues: Ecology and sustainability, population and demographics, science and technology, and economy.
Conditions that may defines a sustainable economy
Achieving prosperity without growth seems impractical for many people.…...

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