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Careers in It Journal: Salary

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3-2 Careers in IT Journal: Salary

Position: Information Technology (IT) Project Manager

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics website (newsletter) they do not keep specific information on project manager’s earnings. However, what they do indicate is that project managers salaries are based on the level of education and experience and can differ based on their regional locations. (DeVincenzo, 2006)
I would suspect that a survey conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in 2006, would hold true for most jobs nationally. They found that experience is a determining factor regarding salaries and most entry level positions provided a lower earning scale for the full time project managers which gave a median annual salary of $96,000, including salary and bonuses. As a nationwide median and not specific to my location it still indicates that at least 50% make more than $96,000 and the other 50% make less. (DeVincenzo, 2006)
Further research regarding IT Project Managers seems to reveal some question regarding earnings and certification, do IT Project Manager need additional education and certification in order to make more money and leapfrog to higher paying positions? According to a study done by they believe certifications is the only way an IT PM will first, get hired and second, be considered for the higher salary ranges. The survey found that more and more CIO’s believe that certifications are important and valuable for a project manager to obtain. They also found companies seeking project managers, added the requirement for PMI certification as part of the application process had grown by 10% in a five year span. (Levinson, 2010)
In searching for project management (internet technology) positions in my immediate area, 18 position are currently open within a 50 mile radius. Many of the positions did not list…...

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