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Case Analysis on Verizon Wireless

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Case Analysis
Verizon Wireless

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Case Summary * Case is about the competitive advantage of Verizon Wireless. * Verizon is a telecommunication based firm in USA telecommunication industry. * The churn rate was high in this industry in 2003 but Verizon Wireless‘s churn rate was lower than its major competitors like Cingular wireless, Sprint, Next and T- mobile. The reason for lower churn rate for Varizon was providing superior quality and customized products. * Low churn rate has enabled the company to grow its subscriber base faster than rivals, which allows the company to better achieve economies of scale by spreading the foxed cost of building a wireless network over a larger customer base. * To reduce customer churn rate and achieve competitive advantage Varizon take several actions. These are - 1. Firstly , the company invested heavily in building high quality nationwide wireless network. That helped it to position itself on differentiation base to its customer.
2. Secondly, it installed CDMA technology instead of traditional GSM, which gave differential advantages over GSM to provide better service and lowering its cost.
3. They successfully took unique Advertisement strategy. Using “TEST MAN” advertisement 4. It invested heavily in its customer care function to decrease churn rate. 5. And finally it had automated software programs to analyze the call habits of individual customer, for which its goal was to anticipate customer needs and satisfactions
Case Analysis 1.…...

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