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Cause and Effects of Divorce

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Aspects of Divorce in Rhodesia B. Goldin
High Court of Rhodesia, Salisbury.


The subject matter of this article is intended not merely to furnish some factual information, but also to encourage and stimulate criticism, ( further research and study which will result in the adoption of appropriate measures by which to reduce the rate of divorce in Rhodesia. A knowledge, and understanding of the causes and * "'incidence of divorce is considered essential for those who are concerned with the rate of divorce and the serious and undesirable economic and ± x social consequences of divorce. The problem of divorce has been considered by A several bodies in England, notably the Group appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury in January 19641, a Royal Commission on Marriage x and Divorce under the chairmanship of Lord Morton,2 and the Law Commission under » Mr. Justice Scarman.3 Some of their recommenda> tions have formed the subject of legislation. » Measures intended to reduce the rate of divorce have also been introduced in other countries. v Both in Australia (Matrimonial Causes Act, 1959, section 14), and in New Zealand (Matrimonial t Proceedings Act, 1963, section 14), the Courts * have been given the power to adjourn divorce proceedings to enable the possibility of reconcilia* tion to be explored and to refer the parties to a conciliator. ' *(c) B. Goldin

REFERENCES 1. ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY'S GROUP ON THE DIVORCE LAW 1966 Putting Asunder: A Divorce Law for Contemporary Society. London, S.P.C.K. 2. GREAT BRITAIN 1956 Marriage and Divorce. London, H.M.S.O., Cmd. 9678. 3. GREAT BRITAIN 1966 Reform of the Grounds of Divorce. London, H.M.S.O., Cmnd. 3123.



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