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Causes and Effects of World War 2

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Causes and Effects of World War II
Perhaps known to mankind as the most devastating war of all time, the Second World War was declared in 1939 and lasted for 6 years until 1945. There were many contributing factors as to why the Second World War came to be. The most obviously instigating action was that of Hitler’s conquering of Poland, which provoked Great Britain and France into declaring war on Germany; but there were many happenings before this that led to such a tragic conclusion.
After the devastating effects of World War 1, government officials from the US, France, and England wanted to take matters into their own hands. They wanted to ensure that Germany would never start another war again, so together they constructed a treaty that practically rendered Germany powerless, and that contract was the ‘treaty of Versailles’. The treaty, which the Germans had but no choice to sign, held them accountable for World War 1, and the nation was to pay an excruciating fee of 6,600 million pounds in previous damages, in addition to this, the German army was to be shriveled to a small amount of men and only 6 navel ships (“World War Two – Causes”). The people of Germany were clearly unhappy by these decisions and Hitler quickly rose to power in response to the “abuse”. Ironically, the treaty would but only instigate yet another screeching war, initiated by the exact same people.
When Hitler travelled from Austria to Germany as a young student he aspired to become an artist. Despite his greatest efforts he was rejected from his selective choices of art schools, this eventually led him to join the German army, and he transformed into the symbolic Hitler that tried to conquer the world. If only he was accepted, the lives of 80 million souls could have been spared.
The moment Hitler became the chancellor of Germany he began secretly expanding the army; military service…...

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