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Kayla Leslie
2-1. Both teams could collaborate by working together instead of spending so much money working on two different projects.
2-3. Online communication is not face to face communication. You can’t see the other person’s face or their emotion, so you don’t know how they are taking your words or how they are feeding you theirs.
2-7. 1. Train workers on how to use equipment 2. Stay clutter- free 3. Provide document holders 4. Maintain a clear line of vision 5. Shut the drawer
2-15. a. it comes off as if they’re ready to get up or leave. b. it comes off as they are bored and are not paying attention. c. it comes off as if you are tired and don’t want to be there. d. it comes off as if you don’t care and have an attitude. e. it comes off as not being serious.
2-16. Hi Mr. Doe, this is Kayla Leslie. I just found out about the move of my office and i have very important meeting in my office Monday afternoon and I need to finish up some work Monday morning. With that move of my office it would be impossible to have everything done before my meeting. I was wonder if we could postpone the moving of my office. When you get this would you please call me at 555-0867 and discuss this in detail with me thank you.
2-17. Memo: Business Etiquette is an essential element of every aspect business communication. Due to the poor proper business etiquette that you performed at the very important business lunch today I feel that you need to look over the attached file and apply it to your everyday performance at work. I mad another lunch for next week and you all will be accompanying me again and I expect that you will have great business etiquette. Thank You Business Etiquette
1. Don’t interrupt.
2. Watch your language
3. No phone during meetings.
4. Show genuine interest.
5. Be on time.
6. Always say “Please” and “Thank you
7. Dress in appropriate business attire
2-18. its
2-19. their
2-20. its
2-21. their
2-22. his or her
2-23. his or her
2-24. a, them
2-25. who
2-26. whom
2-27. its…...

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