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Chasing the Nanny

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Chasing the nanny
My name is Elena. I am twenty years old. I have a dog named Bella. She is a police dog. Bella can do a lot of things. She can chase everyone just by smelling something they own. She understands everything you say to her, and the best part of having her is that she is working with me. Together we have solved a lot of cases.
One day my phone rang. “Hello?” the only thing I heard was a really loud noise. I tried one more time, “Hello? Are you there?” “Oh, yes my darling. I’m here” it was my boss. “Why did you call, sir?” he answered “I have a very important job for you. You need to find a lost boy, he got kidnapped by his nanny.” I can’t believe it. A little boy got kidnapped by his own nanny. “I’m on my way, boss.” I ran outside to my car. “Oh no, I forgot Bella inside! Bella, come here!” I screamed. When she finally came, we drove to the police station. “Good morning sir, where should we go looking?” everybody was staring at us. “Good morning darling, you can start with the place the little boy last was seen. We are talking to his parents now.” How could I know where he was last seen? I started talking to one of the employed. “Do you know where the little boy was last seen?” “Yes and his name is James. He was last seen in the church. His parents said that he was just going to the toilet and then he got kidnapped.” I either can’t believe that his own parents let him go to the toilet all alone. Bella and I was going to find little James and his nanny. We drove over to his house and went looking for clues. After a while I got a little mad, because I didn’t found anything. Bella started barking. “What is it? What have you found?” Bella took her nose down to the floor. It was a room under us, hidden under a blanket. I opened the hatch under the blanket. It was dark, but it was light in the end of the stairs. It smelled like candles. I told Bella to stay where she was.
Page 1/2 At the end of the stars was a little door. I opened the door, and there he was. “Are you ok, James?” I asked. “Yes but I am very tired, do you know why she brought me here?” he looked at me with a sad face. “She kidnapped you, but I am going to get you out of here.” His hair was wet, and on the table beside him was a hair coloring bottle. “Did she color your hair, James?” “No, she was going to, but she forgot the towel upstairs.” Oh no, that means that she knows that we are here. “Did she say anything about why she kidnapped you?” “Yes or no, she was talking about how much she wanted a son. And that soon she will take me on a trip to Spain.” She wanted him to be his son. “Come James, we need to get out of this house!” We climbed up the stairs and out of the dark room. But Bella wasn’t there. We went outside, and there she was. Between the nanny’s feet’s. “Do you want your dog back, maybe?” I didn’t know how to get Bella back, but I answered “Yes please.” “Too bad, want to trade the dog with the kid?” there is the catch I was looking for. “No, I want the dog and the kid.” I didn’t think I was going to get both of them, so I sent James to the car. “You have to choose one of them I am not giving you both.” I gave Bella a look, and she understood what she had to do. Bella bite her in the foot. She was screaming loud. Bella ran to the car, and James opened the door for here. You are under arrest for trying to kidnap James.

When we came back to the police station, everybody was happy. We brought James to his parents and the nanny to our boss. “Thank you Elena, catching nannies can be hard.” It was a little hard to catch her, but we made it. “I am going to promote you and Bella, you deserve it!” I can’t believe it, we got a promotion.
Bella and I bought us a new house for the money we got from the job. And we are ready every day to chasing criminals.…...

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