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Chinese Language in America

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Chinese Language in America
Chao Liang
Kansa State University

Author Note Chao Liang, undergraduate student, Kansas State University. Chao Liang is major in Finance Management in Business College. This report is a summary of study of Chinese language; experience of teaching Chinese with American student who is taking Chinese class. The culture of Chinese language develops in America.

In this report, it includes 5 main points refer to the Chinese language and personal experience. 1. From learning the Chinese language, grammar, pronunciation, to understand the Chinese language situation in America, Chinese America experience in America. 2. Conclude the experience through teaching Chinese. 3. Compare Chinese cultural and America cultural. 4. Analysis what classmate sharing in class, the importance of team work. 5. Suggestion for the future class.
These five different points connected by one common thing, Chinese language. The whole report emphasizes the development of Chinese language in America. How these two different cultures occur chemistry reaction. The improvement of teaching skill make a big contribution on develops of Chinese in America.

Chinese Language in America
As a Chinese, with more than 10 years of Chinese learning, we cannot image how the foreigner learn Chinese. After study in America, we can see lots of natives are willing to learning Chinese even though it seems extremely difficult to them. Through the video we watched in the class, it describes the situation of Chinese language in Chicago, an increase number of student choose to learn Chinese in local school. It stimulates more Chinese educators to improve the teaching skill and make variety of ways to teach.
Chinese has developed in America for several decades. Chinese, mostly of the Cantonese variety, is the third-spoken…...

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