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Chinese News Analysis Essay: Do you think that there has been any relaxation of state control over the Chinese media over the past couple of decades, or is there simply a cycle of tightening and loosening the state control on the media that does little to reduce the power of the government? (Give examples to support your answer)

Since the establishment of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on 1st October 1949, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had a tight control on the Chinese media. Prior to the reform in 1979, all of the Chinese media outlets were controlled by the state. The number of media sources was strictly regulated, and the content, length and even format of newspaper had to adhere to the CCP guideline. (Hassid, 2008) The total control of Chinese media during the Mao era had a profound impact on flow of free information among Chinese people as the news providers were either funded directly by the state or indirectly through policy of forced subscription and cross subscription between publications. (Hassid, 2008) Even though there have been significant changes in the relationship between the Chinese government and the Chinese media ever since Deng Xiaoping’s reform from the late 1970s with the rise of local, provincial, and regional media organizations, as well as online media platforms, the Chinese government is still very much controlling the Chinese media and its centralized power.

The Chinese media was once regarded as a singular entity during the time of “building socialist modernity”. (Sun, 2012) The reason being was that all newspaper, radio and television operating at local, provincial and national level all served as the mouthpiece for the government promoting one single view. And the Chinese media can be simply characterized as submissive and subordinate. (Sun, 2012) However with the rise of Internet and provincial satellite television over…...

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