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Chobani Yogurt

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Question #1
The role of the buying centre at Trek Bicycles is to find the best suppliers and vendors for the organization’s purchases as mentioned on page 170 of the case study. Also stated, is that the buying centre consists of a purchasing manager, buyers, representatives from research and development, production, and quality. When they are considering a new buy the process begins with a manager specifying a new product or material that may be needed to produce a Trek product. The product manager then works with closely the entire buying centre to find suppliers and vendors that can meet Trek’s requirements for quality, size, and delivery.
Question #2
When evaluating a new or current supplier or vendor Trek uses a specific set of criteria to ensure they are or still are the best match for Trek and its customers. Once a supplier or vendor is identified it is evaluated on a specific set of criteria. The four criteria are quality, delivery capabilities, price, and environmental impact. For vendors and suppliers who are already working with Trek they are also evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure they continue to meet the requirements of Trek. This allows them to keep a record of how the vendor or supplier is performing. The performance is tracked on a tool called a “white paper”. Michael Leighton of Trek explains “… It’s a sheet of paper that managers can look at that shows issues and benefits relating to working with these people”
Question #3
One of the evaluation criteria for Trek is environmental impact showing that they want to know how the vendors and suppliers measure up in “green” technologies and how they are trying to be environmentally friendly. The organizational buying at Trek reflects its future of growing into Eco-buying. The bikes at Trek are becoming “smarter” and “greener” as mentioned on page 171 of the case study. One aspect that appeals to…...

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...RESEARCH BRIEF OF “U” GURT RESEARCH BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES “U”gurt is a frozen yogurt brand which will be launched to cater to the needs of frozen dessert lovers. It includes various flavors with different toppings to appeal to the taste of the masses. We hope to position ourselves in such a manner that we occupy the maximum share of heart, mind and the market. “U”gurt will be targeting various consumers such as children, adults, youth and senior citizens. We intend to figure out the latent and explicit motives that individuals have when they go out to shop for frozen desserts. We intend on acquiring useful insights which would help us determine the factors which would affect our sales. We want to find the dissatisfiers that exist in the market and ensure that we deliver as per the needs of our target consumers. The study will be spread over relevant age groups/ genders/socio economic classes/ regions in Karachi only. We will further require more in depth research in order to expand our operations further into Lahore and Islamabad. BUSINESS OBJECTIVE “Identify factors which would compel both users and non users to become loyal to our brand”. We aim to provide the best frozen dessert that people remember us just when they think of having a frozen dessert and we aim to be the first on their mind when they recall. ACTION STANDARD The conclusive results of this research will enable the brand “U”gurt to incorporate all the useful insights in order...

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