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The value of Chores
Alexandria Wildman
Liberty University

When you were younger you more than likely had quite a few chores. So it may come as a shock that some parents do not enforce children to do very many chores if any at all. So when young kids do not have the appropriate amount of chores it is likely, especially in adolescence, that they will be less organized and responsible. So many people that I have met do everything for their children, the laundry, the dishes, cleaning the child’s bedroom. It definitely would not hurt for a child to clean up after themselves.

My first chores
I remember my very first chores I had as a child. My daily tasks included learning to fold my laundry and learning about keeping things such as my own room clean. It can be a great experience for younger children to do chores, such as picking up their toys or cleaning up after bath time. There is nothing wrong with giving children little chores to complete because as they get older they will develop a sense of responsibility; which can be great for parents because the child will learn to clean up the messes they create and make it easier for parents with multiple children to tend to. I do understand how some people could consider the types of chores some people give kids to be too harsh, such as punishment chores which I do not agree with, I do not think that cleaning a toilet with a toothbrush. I personally have never had to deal with punishment chores; however my friends when I was younger did.

Reward systems
The best way my mom persuaded me to complete my chores was the coupon method and the piggy bank method. My favorite was the coupon method because it was a book of my favorite things if I completed my chores on time I was allowed to choose one thing I wanted. It was definitely a great form of motivation. Most parents I have been around try so hard to get their children to do their chores and get nowhere but when I mention motivational methods, such as the ones I was raised with, they are unstoppable doing chores they were not even asked to accomplish. Children love to do things when they know they will get something they desire out of it, such as J. Smiley the author “The case against chores” essay, she mentions that taking care of her horses gave her a purpose because the horses could not do it themselves. Even though her point of views is different from mine, she has the same point I have made, with purpose comes motivation. (Smiley, 1995) Even a method such as the piggy bank method. It is a great method to not only motivate the child to complete chores but to teach them to save up earned money to get what they want. The best feeling is when you're young and have a chance to buy that brand new toy with your own money. Starting to learn to save money when younger can help later in adulthood. I will admit I didn’t get a chance to use this method very often because when I was younger my mom's financial situation wasn’t the best; However the times I got to save up taught me the value of a dollar.
How chores helped me as an adult
When children develop a sense of responsibility, they carry on what they have learned as a child into adulthood, such as J. Smiley the author of “The case against chores”, she mentions that her husband, who as a child was doing chores at the age of five, making him a great worker as an adult, very dedicated to his job (Smiley, 1995) Even though she is against chores, she can not argue with the fact that her husband, as a result of completing chores as a child, is, in fact, a hard worker. I learned many things about working hard. I learned you have to earn by completing tasks, no one ever got anywhere by quitting. As a result of my childhood chores, I am a very organized adult. Although both my one and two-year-old sons are anything but organized because they are so young, I still do my best to encourage little chores such as, picking up toys and having my two-year-old throw away his trash. I use reward systems that best suit him. My two year old even tries his best to help me with laundry, even though I would never ask a toddler to help me fold laundry, he tries so hard to accomplish more things because of the reward system I use for him.
Chores are a great way for children to learn some responsibility and to help mommy and daddy keep things clean. There are so many benefits of children doing chores that I can not understand why so many people are against them. Reward systems are the best way to go about getting kids motivated to do their chores. I know that no one is perfect; However children who have chores as a child are far more likely to be successful with their job. The reward systems I have mentioned not only motivate but they teach valuable lessons for a child to learn before adulthood. I’m proud to say that because my mother took the time to motivate me to complete my chores, I’m a great mother myself and a very organized adult. Punishment chores are not, in my opinion, a good source of discipline, and I never plan on using it as a disciplinary action for my children.

J Smiley. 1995. The Case Against Chores, Harper’s

Thesis: Giving children chores increases responsibility later in life.
Body 1
Topic sentence 1 My first memorable chores Example 1 Learning to fold my clothing
Example 2 Learning about keeping clean

Topic sentence 2 Reward Systems Example 1 The coupon method Example 2 The piggy bank method

Body 2
Topic sentence How it’s helped me as an adult
Example 1 I’m very organized
Example 2 I encourage my kids to take on minor choirs

Chores make a great way to help children of all ages understand the importance of not only picking up after themselves but to also take on some responsibility.…...

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