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Chp 18 Concluding Case

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Chap. 18 – Concluding Case Becoming a world-class business in today’s competitive world does not only mean improving a process, it means that every small business must seek to stand out among a myriad of competitor and be the best at what a company has to offer. More and more successful small businesses eventually face the issue of handling business expansion and growth. Business growth not only brings change but it also brings perils for a business. And because consumers have so many choices and in order to survive and thrive in the marketplace, businesses must effectively implement operational, tactical and strategic plans. In the case of Barbara’s World of Windows, Fabrics, and Accessories – Home Consultant Division, Sandy must successful lead her parent’s small retail business from a struggling business to a business that can differentiate itself from the competition. To start with, in order to create and manage a company’s growth, a business must possess a strong leader. Secondly a manager must be able to implement a strategic management process that will enable the formulation of strategies goals and objectives. Sandy must act as a change leader in order to guide her company into success and achieve greatness in the marketplace. As for the tactical planning, Sandy must be able to differentiate her business from the rest of the competition. Marketing to local industries and governmental markets will be essential to securing a competitive advantage over the competition. Sandy must actively lead the change by effectively establishing a sense of urgency, bring together a group of people to help lead the change, develop a vision and strategy, effectively communicate the change vision to its employees, encourage risk taking and empower people, plan for short term operational goals and finally keep changing things that support vision and goals. Once…...

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