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Chuck Close’s Big Self-Portrait Chuck Close’s Self-Portrait (1967).

Chuck Close is known as a reinvigorator of art and painting from late 1960’s until now. Its been decades when photography challenged paintings. Chuck emerged from the 1970s painting movement of Photorealism, also known as Super-Realism. He moved to the city New York in 1967 with a group of artist of his generation and been in his class at Yale University in New Haven. Chuck use to photograph his subjects and then works from the print, uses people close to him as his subjects he like. Close work is highly popular.
The subject of this art work is a portrait. In this picture I can see that the artist used a face of a man. At background the artist didn’t use anything. In the foreground Chuck used charcoal & pencil to complete the work. The main subject looks real. The artist chose to depict this subject because he is trying to show his self-portrait & the style of his work.

The texture looks smooth & sharp which compliments the subject because it is a composition of Close.

To create the work, Chuck used pencil, charcoal, & ink. The artist’s use of tone, texture, colour is successful because it adds descriptive layers to create a describing mood or effect. The tones used are dark which gives a bright effect. The lines are confident which gives a I think the artist is trying to communitcate:
“It doesn't upset artists to find out that artists used lenses or mirrors or other aids, but it certainly does upset the art historians. Because I think chuck is trying to explain his feelings towards art an culture.
I like this piece because it made me to remember one picture of my famous artist. I like the texture that chuck chose because I think it’s a master-piece .…...

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