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Chuck E Cheese Financial Overview

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The company I decided to research is Chuck E. Cheese, which is also called CEC Entertainment Inc. Chuck E. Cheese is company and franchise owned. I have decided to collect my information from the 2010 annual report from the website. All parts of the company have been consolidated into this report including the franchise portion of the company. When evaluating the annual report the key components of my research were cash and cash equivalents, receivables, and inventories compared to the previous year. CEC Entertainment Inc. notes to the financial statements regarding cash and cash equivalents stated “cash and cash equivalents are comprised of demand deposits with banks and short-term cash investments with remaining maturities of three months or less from the date of purchase by us.” The previous statement is the only statement that is given in relation to cash and cash equivalents. After comparing the cash and cash equivalents to the previous years the amount of cash has increased by at least 2000. Like cash the amount of receivables has also increased from the previous years. In 2010 the amount of receivables was 32,327 and in 2009 the amount was 27,031. The following categories of accounts receivable in CEC Entertainment Inc. are trade receivables, vendor rebates, income taxes receivable and other accounts receivable. The highest amounts of receivables disclosed in the notes are income tax receivables with an amount of 15,320 in 2010. The lowest amount of receivables is other receivables which only consisted of 2,374 in 2010. The company refers to other receivables primarily of lease incentives, amounts due from our franchisees and amounts expected to be recovered from third-party insurers through the stop-loss coverage we purchase for our self-insurance programs (Chuck E. Cheese-Company Info). While looking at inventory of Chuck E. Cheese I realized…...

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