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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

B EY O N D TH E RA C K : A NA LY ZE TH E O F F ER BT R - CP -C TR -A NA LY ZE O F F ER .M OV Hey guys! In this video, what I’m going to do is I’m going to go over a copy-and-paste campaign that has made me tens of thousands of dollars this year 2012. It’s in a niche that I was not very familiar with – fashion. I’m sure everyone watching this video right now, you’ve seen all sorts of these daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, etc. coming out. One big thing is daily deal fashion sites. This site,, is a daily deal fashion site. When I send people to this website right here through my own ads on any social network – PlentyofFish, Facebook, Pinterest or whatever – and they fill out a couple of fields and hit SEE TODAY’S DEALS, boom! I get paid around $3.60 every time that happens.

Our goal in this copy paste tutorial is to show you how to target this site to bulls’ eye targeted customers on Facebook and other social networks so you can start generating customers and getting paid however much the CPA, the payout for the offer is. Keep in mind that you can also take everything we do in this video and you can use this same formula to market other fashion websites. I know absolutely nothing about fashion but I do know how to find people that are interested in it. As a marketer, what’s important for us is just knowing who wants what. We
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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

don’t have to know anything about it. We just have to know who likes fashion and put these ads in front of their faces. So let’s get started. First things first, the affiliate network that I’m getting the offer from is called Globalizer.

There are a ton of different affiliate networks out there that support tons of daily deal fashion sites. This is where I get the offer from. We’re going to be marketing this offer on Facebook. I want you to notice that I have a couple of different ads right here. We have ads for dresses,

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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

ads for shoes, ads for watches because Beyond the Rack on the inside, they sell all sorts of stuff. They sell fashion. They sell swimsuits, shoes, watches, bags. Anything you can think of fashion-wise, they have in there. We’re going to create ads targeted towards specific angles like dresses, shoes and swimsuits. You don’t just write an ad and say, “Hey everybody, here’s a fashion site. Check it out.” You want to make sure that you find people interested in specific things and then, what you want to do is to make sure that you put the ad in front of their faces. In the next video, what we’re going to do is we’re going to come back here to my Facebook Ads account and we’re going to create an ad. I’m going to show you exactly how to write the ad. Then, in the next video, what we’re going to talk about is targeting the offer and setting it live. Before we do that, what I want to do is take you to what I call iStockPhoto.

You can visit them at This is where I get my pictures from. I can type “fashion dress” at the top and it brings up 55,495 pictures of dresses. I could use any of these.

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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

We’ll go inside one of my campaigns right now. Let’s go for the dresses and click on Beyond the Rack – Dresses targeted to women.

Let me show you what these ads look like. You can see that they’re all pretty much the same thing. I sell a dress for $19. I have a picture.

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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

I’ve generated 257,534 views on this, 1,000 clicks. I’m paying 21 cents per click. I’m rocking out with this. So move along to the next video. We’re going to show you exactly how to write these ads and get them live on Facebook and any social network and exactly how to target them. Hope you’re excited. Get ready and I’ll see you at the next video. [End of Video 1]

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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

B EY O N D TH E RA C K : W RI T E TH E A D BT R - CP -C TR - WR IT EA D .M OV Alright, guys. Welcome to Video 2 on the copy paste campaign for fashion daily deal offers. We’re focusing right now on the website Beyond the Rack. We’re getting paid by this affiliate program to get people to sign up to shop at their site – as simple as that. They don’t have to buy anything. They don’t have to do anything; just sign up. Really cool. If you remember from the other video, we go to This is where we get our picture. I typed in “fashion dresses” so we could pull up pictures of dresses.

When you purchase photos from, you have the right to use those photos in your ads. There are 1,110 pages of different pictures. Make sure you go ahead, go in here and get some pictures. Remember, Beyond the Rack is a fashion website so I focused on - as you can see right here – dresses. I’m marketing cheap dresses all over Facebook, bulls’ eye targeted.

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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

So look at my ads. I have pictures of just random dresses: adult-age dresses, prom dress, a little black dress for the weekend down at the bottom.

Make sure that you go into iStockPhoto and just find pictures that are really good, that catch your eye and use those photos in your ads. I’ll show you an example. This picture right here would not be good.

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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Don’t worry about why it wouldn’t be good; just know that it’s not a good picture. However, on the flip side, this picture right here would be really good because you can see the dress.

Remember, you’re marketing dresses. This would be a good picture right here.

Notice that I keep picking out red dresses. Red sticks out. Your ad will stick out. You don’t want to use a regular-looking dress. I found that wild colors work the best.
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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

This, right here, would be a terrible ad for dresses obviously.

This is a great picture. It’s got a vivid dress.

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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

This one is a really good one, too. It doesn’t always have to be a girl wearing a dress. It’s vivid blue and it’s a cute dress. Get the picture and put it in your ad.

Get the pictures at iStockPhoto and put it in your ad. That’s where I get my pictures. Get as many as you want. The more, the better. So you can see my ads here. Notice that there’s a title, a picture of the dress, and an ad copy. When you go to your Facebook advertising account, at the top right of the screen there is a little green button that says “Create an Ad”.

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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

When you click on “Create an Ad”, it asks you “What is your sponsored story URL?” What website do you want to send people to?

At this point, you would go into your affiliate network and you would find your affiliate link to your daily deal fashion site. In this case, it’s Beyond the Rack. So I would go over here to Globalizer and find my link to the Beyond the Rack program.
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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Not everybody is going to be using Globalizer so just use whatever network affiliate it is that you want and go get your link. It’s as simple as that. So put your affiliate link and hit Enter.

It’s going to let you write your headline, your ad text and place your image. That’s what we’re going to focus on in this video right here.

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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

If you look at Beyond the Rack, notice that they say 80% Off Designer Brands. That is pretty big. 80% discount is what I always focus on. So we’ll come over here and we’ll write “Dresses – 80% OFF TODAY!” When you say today, you’re adding urgency. You’re letting people know, “Hey, tomorrow, it may not be 80% off.”

Then in our text, we’ll put “Designer brands up to 80% OFF today! Click here to browse them and start shopping now.”

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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

So that’s our ad. Then it says, “Do you want to upload an image?” At this point, you should have got to iStockPhoto and you should have found some pictures. I’m going to hit Select image from Library. You’re going to see bathing suits, shoes, all sorts of fashion stuff.

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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

I might choose this picture of girl in a dress right here that I got from iStockPhoto.

You see it over here on the right-hand side.

Now, we’ve written our ad: “Dresses 80% OFF Today”. There’s our picture on the right: “Designer Brands up to 80% OFF today. Click here to browse them and start shopping now!”
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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

That’s a great version of this ad. You may just say that again and again and again, just put different pictures in there and see what pictures are going to work the best. You can always come back to Beyond the Rack to see if there is anything else in there: big brands, bigger discounts, limited quantity (remember, that’s adding urgency), special memberonly perks. These are little things you can add into your ad.

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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

I think that this ad that we got here is pretty good. It’s just like the ones that I use.

So we’ve got our ad written in Facebook. You can see it’s super-easy. It’s not rocket science. You just have to think a little bit about what you’re marketing and you’re good to go. Move along to the third video and we’re going to show you exactly how to target this ad to make sure that you’re only targeting people that would be interested in this type of stuff right here. I think it’s going to blow your mind. Alright, guys. I’ll see you in the next video. [End of Video 2]

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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

B EY O N D TH E RA C K : TA R GE TI NG BT R - CP -TA RG ET I NG .M P4 Alright, guys. We wrote the ad “Dresses 80% OFF Today” and put the picture in. Now, we’re going to do the targeting. For the targeting, you scroll down a little bit and you’ll see it give you the option to target different countries. I typed in Canada. You can type in United States. I’m going to do Canada because that’s the one I’m doing.

I also targeted people who are between 18 and 25 years old. Let me explain for a second why you want to do that. You’ve got to think about what types of fashion different age groups are interested in. This, to me, looks like a prom dress and you know that 18-25 year-olds are in college and high school. They have all these party events and stuff so that’s why I’m targeting 18-25 year-olds. Different fashion is worn by different age groups. Think about it: a 50-year-old is not going to wear the same thing an 18-year-old is wearing. All I’m saying is when I write my ads, I think about the picture in my ad and if it’s appealing to 18-25 year-olds or to 50-yearolds or not.

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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

You want to make sure that you target women. It’s about dresses. Women are going to be the ones interested in buying dresses. Then they have this really cool option down here called Broad Categories. If you scroll down to the bottom, you can go to Retail/Shopping and I’ve selected Beauty Products, Fashion and Luxury Goods. It’s telling me that 340,000 (estimated) people who say that they like beauty products, fashion and luxury goods. That’s pretty huge. That’s a massive group of people.

No, we’re not targeting billions of people. You don’t want to target billions of people. You want to target small groups of people that you know are interested in what you’re marketing. I’m marketing dresses. I’m targeting people that are probably interested in dresses. Then down here, you want to make sure you name your campaign. I’ve named the campaign BTR-Dresses-1825 for Beyond the Rack, Dresses, and 18-25 year-olds. I put my daily budget at $5 so I’m only willing to spend $5 a day. This is huge. You don’t have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars a day. You can limit yourself to $5 a day. If you don’t make your $5 back off of an ad, you can always come back, change it, tweak it, make it work, fix it, and then go back out. It’s the beauty of paid advertising - budgets. You can turn this off anytime you like.
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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Then it says Minimum. I’m going to put in about 13 cents. I usually cut the suggested bid from Facebook in half and that’s the bid that I go with. We’re going to go with 13 cents. Then we’re going to click on Review Ad. It gives you a nice little review of what your ad is going to look like.

If goes over the 13 cents a click, $5 a day. You can cut that off whenever you want to. Then, you can place you order. Boom, your ad goes live on Facebook. I hit Place Order just now so you can see it happen.

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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Boom, it’s on Facebook. It’s live. Your ad shows how many clicks you’ve had and how much you’re paying.

Remember you come over here to your affiliate network – not all cases is going to be the same one I’m using here, you can get this deal in many places – and you’ll see how much money you made.

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Transcript Beyond the Rack CP Camp 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Facebook shows you how much money you spent. Then you do the math and there you go. Guys, this campaign has made me well over $100,000. I’ve shown you exactly what I do on Beyond the Rack campaign or fashion daily deal campaign. Now, it’s up to you. Go out there and do everything I told you to do. Rock out. Have a good time doing it. Hope you enjoyed the videos. As you can see, it’s not rocket science. Looking forward to all of your success stories. Get going! [End of Video 3]

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Pink Review

...všeobecný: štýl piesne, pocity a krátka charakteristika piesne. Veľmi sa mi páčilo, že autor podporoval svoje argumenty časťou textu piesne, napríklad “... and writes a scathing letter in "Dear Mr. President","You've come a long way from whiskey and cocaine!"(... a napísala veľmi kritický list v piesni “Dear Mr. President“, časť textu: “Máš za sebou dlhú cestu od whiskey a kokaínu“). Môj celkový dojem z tejto recenzie bol taký, že autor je už expert v písani hudobných kritík, mal naštudoavný materiál, vedel o čom píše, a taktoež ani nezabudol spomenúť dlhoročných spolupracovníkov, ktorí sa podielali aj na tomto albume. Z druhej recenzie je jasne vidieť, že neznámy autor nebol ešte tak skúsený ako Barry Walters. Táto recenzia má viacero chýb: autor sa oveľa viac zameral na úspechy, ktoré doteraz Pink za tento album získala, ako na stručnú charakteristiku piesní a nebola zďaleka tak obsiažná ako predchádzajúca recenzia. Na druhej strane, hneď na úvod spomenul hudobné smery, ktoré reprezentujú tento album, je to kombinácia rocku, RnB a popu. Ďalej spomenul to, že tento album je tématický a naráža na rozvod Pink a Careyho Harta. Mnohé piesne sú tým pádom pomalejšie a opisujú reálne pocity speváčky. Ak by som nepoznala albumy, a mám si jeden vybrať, vybrala by som si prvý .Po prečítaní oboch recenzii ma oveľa viac oslovila prvá recenzia staršieho albumu. Bola obsiahlejšia, všeobecne opísala to, čo by v dobrej kritike malo byť. Na druhej recenzii by autor mohol ešte trocha......

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