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City Demographics on Crime Profile

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April 18, 2016
Cheryl Reyes

Demographics does provide the specific necessary in obtaining knowledge that pertains to the city’s inhabitants. Acquiring this kind of information is vital of the creation of a flourishing municipality. The demographic data can offer critical material, such as the districts in which the residents reside in, high crime areas. The demographic attributes of the general public areas of expansion, class prospects, sales perspectives and the study of marketplace infiltration. The purpose of this paper is to elucidate the social and intellectual contexts, the beliefs of the populace in reference to criminal behavior the changes applied when moving away from the city center, zones of transitions, and crime hot spots, as pertained to Chicago Illinois. Chicago is approximately 2000sq miles with an estimated population of 2.74 million residents. Within the city of Chicago there is a wide range of ethnic backgrounds and multiple cultural centers.
Identification and rationale for the choice of one sociologic theory that best explains the crime in your chosen city
The crime rate in Chicago is affected by the socioeconomic status of the residents. As the status decreases, the crime does increases. When the economy took a turn from the worse the economic status of individuals decreased more people found themselves in poverty or low income level instead of middle class income level. People cannot afford the basics, and therefore turned to stealing. When individuals are forced into lower economic status they turn to crime because it is difficult for them to live a different life. People are not ready and prepared to live a life lower than what he or she is accustomed to trying to keep the lifestyles at any cost. The Chicago School is the best theory to…...

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