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1. John Howard
English men who wrote a book on prison

2. John Augustus
Father of Probation in America

3. Enlightment

4. Penn. System
Founded by the Quakers who settled in Pennsylvania
Known as American Friends Society
Invented Penitentiary

5. New York System

6. Elmira Reformatory

7. National Prison Association
Started in 1870 in Cincinnati Ohio

8. Reforms of the Progressives

9. Rehabilitation Model

10. Community Model

11. Crime Control Model

12. Security levels in federal & state prisons
Federal: Level 1-5 super maximum security
State: Maximum medium and minimum security.

13. Percentage of prisoners in different level state prisons
40% medium
33% minimum
21 maximum

14. Characteristics of jail inmates (325)

15. Sentenced prisoners in state prisons per 100,000 population
Louisiana 867, Texas 648 16. John DiIulio – order amenities and service

17. Irwin’s adaptive roles (359)
Ex-con Graduated majoring in Criminology
Adaptive roles: A newcomer (fish) is confronted by the question “How am I going to do my time?” Some withdraw and isolate
Doing time: Men “doing time” view their prison term as brief
Gleaning: Inmates who are “gleaning” try to take advantage of prison programs to better themselves and improve their prospects for success after release
Jailing: “Jailing” is the choice of those who cut themselves off from the outside and try to construct a life within the prison

18. Cost of probation versus prison

19. Fines, restitution, forfeiture, day fines, home confinement , community service, day reporting centers, and intensive supervision probation

20. Recommended probation officer caseloads

21. Monitoring devices – active and passive

22. Three models of…...

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