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1.Phase II of the NoPain clinical trials requires a placebo group, whereas phase I does not. Explain why. Phase I clinical trials are used to screen the drug for safety. The maximum safe dose is established and it shows that the drug shows no side effects. When that phase is finished they then move into a new phase to establish the effect of the drug and how much should be given in order to achieve the desired affect. It is then established who will benefit from the drug and the best way to administer the dug.

2.Phase I of the NoPain trials uses only 50 subjects.
Why couldn’t MedPharm save money by limiting phases II and III to 50 subjects each?
Each specific drug has to undergo the certain phases in order pass to the next one. For the larger sample size ensures a high degree of statistical confidence. The sample size that the drug is administered to should show better results than the placebo group.

3. Would you classify NoPain as a palliative, active,or preventive treatment for cancer? Explain.
I would classify it as a palliative treatment since it is designed to relieve the pain and bring comfort to the patient. The purpose of the drug is not to cure the disease nor cause homeostasis.
4. Mae, a 76year old retiree living on a fixed income, complains about the expense of the medications she must take to control her blood pressure and diabetes. “Why do I have to pay as much as $1.33 for one little pill?” she grumbles.
Based on your reading of this case study, what might you tell Mae about the cost of doing business from a drug company’s point of view?
The drug company has to undergo a certain amount of work in order to develop a drug to treat you aliments. The company spends millions of dollars in order to test the drug for our safety before they release it. They also have to pay all of their test subjects and buy the materials necessary for manufacturing the drug.

5. Suppose you were a clinician with plenty of nonsterile cotton swabs on hand, but you needed sterile swabs. Which of the various sterilization techniques might you use to sterilize the swabs?
Which of those techniques would not be suitable?
The cotton swabs could be sterilized inside a autoclave or ultraviolet light.
If the cotton swabs were sterilized by dry heat it would probably burn the swabs. and they would be saturated by the chemicals.

6. Which of the following treatments may be employed in treating cancer immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, all of them, or none of them?
They can all be used to treat cancer.

7. A patient recovering from surgery has developed a nosocomial lung infection and asks his physician why this occurred. If you were the physician, how would you explain it?
Unfortunately, when you were undergoing surgery you were exposed to pathogens from the environment. However, this infection can be treated with antibiotics.

8. For the patient in question 7, the physician prescribes antibiotics. If the physician wants to provide the patient with both rapid and prolonged doses, what route or routes of administration will be used?
Either an injection or capsules.

9. Why is the use of international units important in medicine? International units are defined variously for different substances and is defined by the biological effect.

10. The word root gastro means “stomach.” What is the difference between gastrotomy, gastrectomy, gastroscopy, gastrocentesis, and gastroclysis?

Gastrotomy: surgical incision of the stomach.
Gastrectomy: a removal of part or all of the stomach.
Gastroscopy: examination of the stomach or abdomen.
Gastrocentesis: a needle is inserted into the stomach to relieve gastric dilation before a permeant correction.
Gastroclysis: irrigation of the stomach…...

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