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Cold Plasma Therapy

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Cold Plasma Therapy: A Cooler Way to Heal


October 10, 2012

Everyone knows that humans get sick. Similarly most, if not everyone, knows that being sick is the result of a bacterial or viral infection. What some many not know, is that there has been some remarkable advancement in the fight against bacterial infection. In most cases, a bacterial infection is treated with antibiotics specifically designed to combat and kill the bacteria. The problem with this comes when the bacteria evolves, and chances. Over time, the antibiotics will be less effective due to the bacteria changing. The advancement to fight this evolutionary change comes with a chilling temperature. Cold Plasma Therapy. So, Cold Plasma Therapy could kill bacteria when antibiotics can’t. Ok, but what are plasmas? One might ask. “Plasmas are known as the fourth state of matter after solids, liquids and gases and are formed when high-energy processes strip atoms of their electrons to produce ionized gas flows at high temperature.(Science Daily, 1)” They are being used more and more in different areas of medicine, from technical and medical uses to sterilizing surgical equipment. “Dr Svetlana Ermolaeva who conducted the research explained that the recent development of cold plasmas with temperatures of 35-40°C makes the technology an attractive option for treating infections (Science Daily, 1). With some of the uses of Cold Plasma known, now it is time for a brief section on how Cold Plasma Therapy works. “The team of Russian and German researchers showed that a ten-minute treatment with low-temperature plasma was not only able to kill drug-resistant bacteria causing wound infections in rats but also increased the rate of wound healing. The findings suggest that cold plasmas might be a promising method to treat chronic wound infections where other approaches fail (Science Daily, 1).” “German and Russian researchers say the torch was able to kill 99 percent of the bacteria in a lab-grown biofilm and 90 percent of the bacteria in infected rats. The researchers tried it with Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus, which are both ubiquitous in hospitals and can cause wound infections, especially in people with weakened immune systems. Both are resistant to a wide range of antibiotics (Boyle,1).” With facts like these and more research being done, hopefully, bacterial infections will be a harmless thing of the past. The information presented here was taken from two online articles, Plasma Therapy: An Alternative to Antibiotics, and A Blast of Cold Plasma Kills Drug-Resistant Bacteria. The articles were easy to understand, even if the reader had little previous understanding of the topic being discussed. The articles were interesting to read, and instilled a hope for the future of modern medicine as the plague of bacterial infections seems to be reaching its end. The Human race can only benefit from the further use of Cold Plasma Therapy, and one day soon it will surely have a permanent place in medicine, like penicillin. So say good bye to drug-resistant bacteria and welcome the cold of Cold Plasma Therapy.

Society for General Microbiology (2010, December 15). Plasma therapy: An alternative to antibiotics?. ScienceDaily. Retrieved October 10, 2012, from
Boyle, R. (2010, December 15). A Blast of Cold Plasma Kills Drug-Resistant Bacteria. In Retrieved October 10, 2012, from…...

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