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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The college I choose to research is Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT is a private research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The enrollment size is roughly around 4,000 and 6,000 students. I choose to research this school because MIT places among the top ten in many overall rankings of universities in the America. Also I recently heard on KPBS about the school and how prestigious the school is. The big thing that distinguishes this school from others is that this school has been known to educate geniuses. Also this school is Consistently ranked among the top engineering and computer science programs in the world. MIT offers a wide curriculum designed to allow students to explore their own interests in increasing depth and hands on. The thing that really interested me about this school is that they believe that a “hand on training” is the best way to train students. I also believe that learning something new will stick best if done hands on. Nearly every single engineering major is offered at this school, however they do not offered any fire science classes. With an acceptance rate of around 10%, MIT is one of the most selective colleges in the United States. Some of the basic requirements to be eligible to apply to MIT are having a 4.0 and a 2,400 on the SAT. The incoming freshman GPA’s are around a 4.0 and are at least a 2,400 on the SAT. They have many internship/job/education opportunities at MIT they also have many extracurricular activities. Also the more experience you have the more points you will get towards being accepted. It also matters where and when you got that experience.

Arambula 2 My chance of being admitted into this school is very low on the account that my test scores are average instead of above average. Also I am very educated so I…...

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