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Colonizers: Great Britain in Jamestown “Life and Death at Jamestwon”

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Colonizers: Great Britain in Jamestown
“Life and Death at Jamestwon”

INTRODUCTION “There it comes!”
In May of 1607, there was the arrival of the first white settlers in Jamestown, Virginia. Virginia Company, a group of entrepreneurs from London, funded the explorers. Three ships namely Susan Constant, Godspeed, and the Discovery were used to transport the 104 men and women who left England to look for greener pastures in North America. Half of the settlers aboard the three ships were mostly “gentlemen” and some others from upper classes who do not know how to find a way to save their own lives. As soon as the colonists arrived at Jamestown On May 13, 1607, their expectations were immediately cut short since this group was met by rampant diseases, internal political struggle, as well as attacks from the native Indians. The initial instruction for the colonialist was to ensure that they have located a site that was not near the coasts to ensure an avoidance of Spanish warships, Virginia Council's primary concern. The relationship with Powhatan Indians were a major worry of the England Settlers. Because of the environmental issues at Jamestown, the English settlers had to establish their relations with native Powhatan Indians. Moreover, there were also some Indians who were hospitable to the first settlers, others were very hostile and would discharge them with arrows. After constructing rudimentary fort as well as witnessing Indian attacks, the white settlers realized that they were vulnerable. Most of the settlers also became weak from sickness.
Purpose of the sail to the “New World” The main purpose of their journey to Jamestown was to find silver and gold. The white settlers, mostly gentlemen and upper class who would know how to save their own lives, were also looking for other economic opportunities including iron ore, wood products, as well as copper.…...

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