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For 22 years, John Doe assumed the identity of a man whose wallet was stolen from his

car in 1989. This form of identity theft will change over time to evolve to possibly affect

any one who accesses the World Wide Web. Even though crime exists in the real world

equally as it is online, The Internet is solely responsible for most of the Identity theft


Crime exists in the real world equally as it is online. As much as we hate crime it is

something that we have to live with. It is a constant battle that we must fight against all

types of different criminal threats. Now with technology advancing so rapidly, crime has

found a new home. This new home is the Internet, criminals now target individuals

online in ways that is harming our society even more. The most popular committed

crime in the United States would be violent crimes, rather murder, rape, assault are

rated as the highest committed. The FBI states that total number of crimes reported—

10,329,135 (1,246,248 violent crimes and 9,082,887 property crimes).

Most of the real horrible crimes do happen in real life but over time online has just as

many threats. Online crime is tricky criminals can invade your home, your business,

your office, without breaking any door or windows. They can have instant access to your

social security number that they can sell on the black market. They can have access to

your personal information, banking information, and even your families as well. They

can also shut down hospitals, police stations and harm the system in such a way. It

takes time and money to recover what was lost when they were hacked by someone.

There is always a loophole because it is hard for them to find, track, and locate

criminals online.

The newest form of cyber crime was during this holiday season on Black…...

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