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Community Participation

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Community participation: is a proven approach to addressing health care issues and has been long utilized in HIV prevention in the United States and in development internationally, in projects varying from sanitation to child survival, clean water, and health infrastructure. People do not live in a vacuum, independent of influences around them. Rather, social, cultural, and economic factors strongly influence young people's ability to access reproductive and sexual health information and services.
However, the quality of participation varies from project to project. Moreover, in spite of the failure of many health programs designed without the participation of target communities, some professionals continue to question the value of community members' participating in program design, implementation, and evaluation. This article looks at the critical importance of community participation in addressing the reproductive and sexual health of adolescents.

Oakley and Marsden (1987) defined community participation as the process by which individuals, families, or communities assume responsibility for their own welfare and develop a capacity to contribute to their own and the community’s development. In the context of development, community participation refers to an active process whereby beneficiaries influence the direction and execution of development projects rather than merely receive a share of project benefits (Paul, in Bamberger, 1986). Paul’s five objectives to which community participation might contribute are:
1. Sharing project costs: participants are asked to contribute money or labor (and occasionally goods) during the project’s implementation or operational stages.
2. Increasing project efficiency: beneficiary consultation during project planning or beneficiary involvement in the management of project implementation or…...

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