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Company Case Bitvic: Creating New Flavor

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Part I: Brief Background History of Britvic
- Mid 19thC Chelmsford a chemist begins creating homemade soft drinks
- 1986 Tango acquired
- 1987 Pepsi - first 20 years bottling arrangement agreed in the UK
- 1995 Robinsons acquired
- 2000 Orchid Drinks acquired, inc. Amé/Purdeys
- 2004 Ben Shaws acquired, inc. Pennine Water
- 2006 drench launched and The Really Wild Drinks Company is established
- 2007 Robinsons Smooth and Fruit Shoot 100% launched
- 2008 PepsiCo awards Britvic a 15 year bottling agreement for V Water
- 2008 PepsiCo awards Britvic a 7 year bottling agreement for Gatorade
- 2009 PepsiCo awards Britvic a 4 year bottling agreement for Lipton Ice Tea

Part II: Marketing Mix Strategies a. Market
Britvic’s soft drinks become most popular drink in summer among adults and children. Major supermarkets, local shops, restaurant, pubs, hotels and cinemas are among its customer.

b. Product
Britvic products have a wide range variety of products in terms of their drinks. From juice drinks, energy drink, kids drink up to sports drink and etc. Britvic has it Britvic doesn’t stop from producing a quality drinks for their consumers, their design really caught the attention of every individual that sees it. Also, Britvic sees to it that each of their products is nutritional to every consumer they have, and give its customer a healthy living lifestyle. The soft-drinks market is structured into two main categories, carbonates and stills, within these there are a number of sub-categories. Britvic has a major presence in the scale categories of cola, fruit carbonates, lemonade, squash, water plus and juice drinks. c. Price

d. Place * 200,000 Locations on 50 Countries. e. Promotion * TV Advertisement * Social Networking Promotion ( ex. Facebook and Youtube ) * Celebrity Endorsement ( included Frank Lampard and Ronaldino) * Promo Package

Part III:Questions for discussion:

Selected britvic brand :

1. Core benefit of pepsi : A drink for refreshment without alcohol. Actual product of pepsi: • brand name: pepsi • quality level: excellent • design n packaging: regular (275ml), disposable (500ml), can (300ml), regular (1 liter), disposable (1.5 liter), jumbo (2.5liter). • features : black colour with containing Aspartame (Nutrasweet), sucralose (Splenda), Acesulfame potassium (Sunnett)
Augmented Product: • Good customer support (ie. Accessible and fast ) • After care, easy to find contact details.

2. What are the sources of brand equity for any given Britvic brand?
Normally, brand equity is result from deep customer relationship. So I can say familiarity towards the customers enhances Britvic’s brand equity. Britvic has a lot of brands so each customer group for one kind of brands easily become customer for another brand. Based on that, Britvic can get their loyal customers. For instance, the fans of pepsi and 7ups can also become the fan of Britvic. Also their marketing campaign made it able to form brand equity. They tried to connect Pepsi with football, Robinson with Wimbledon tournament, and drench with 'Brains'. As a result, when they see football, Wimbledon, Brains, Britvic come across their mind.

3. What marketing targeting and positioning would you recommend for a selected Britvic brand?
Target market of newly renewed Gatorade is health conscious people. Health conscious customers are cutting back on their purchases of fizzy drinks. In response to consumer demands for more natural products which are made of no sweeteners, preservatives, or artificial colors Britvic can position their new Gatorade as it provide purely natural product in customer's mind.

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Company Case
Britvic: Creating a Brand Flavor

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