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Company Ethics Program

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Company X Ethics Program

Part A
Standards and Procedures

1. Company X stands by a set of core values instilling Respect, Integrity, Dependability, and Courage.

(a) Our employees shall treat every client/customer with the utmost respect. The

customer will be treated fairly and with dignity regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, religion,

sexual orientation, or creed.

(b) Each employee will treat their fellow employees with the same respect and

dignity as they would our clients/customers.

(c) Our employees will maintain a high degree of integrity by not accepting gifts,

favors, money, services, etc. from customers or fellow employees for personal gain.

(d) Company computers are not to be used for personal use. Social media use during

working hours is not permitted on company assets.

(e) Our employees will maintain a high degree of dependability by ensuring a task is

completed to the best of their ability in an efficient and timely manner.

(f) Our employees are the face of the company. All employees will maintain a sense

of professionalism through the below dress code:

(1) Men and Women will wear dress slacks either in Navy Blue of Khaki.

(2) Men will wear a pattern less/design less long sleeve buttoned down dress shirt

in either Red, White accompanied by a modest neck tie. Women will wear a modest

blouse in either Red, White, or Blue. Tang Tops, Spaghetti Straps, Bare Midriffs will not

be tolerated.

(3) Black shoes to include; oxfords, loafers, cap toes, and pumps are authorized.

Blue containing

(g) Our employees are expected to report any violations of ethical behavior regardless

of affiliation to the perpetrator.

Part B
Ethics Training

1. Company X ethics training will be conducted as follows:…...

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