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Investment Analysis Report on FMC Corp.
Chenyu Wang
Carey Business School

Business Descriptions

FMC Corporation is a chemical manufacturer with its headquarter locating in Philadelphia. John Bean created FMC Corporation in 1883. The company’s very first product was an innovative pesticide spray that was designed to battle against a fast-growing infestation that was endangering the orchards in California ( In 1943, FMC officially launched its chemical business, making clear that the company is established to serve the global agricultural market by providing innovative and customized solutions and high-quality products. In 1966, FMC Corporation’s annual revenue exceeded one billion USD for the first time in history. In the same year, the company announced that it would expand its business to area of nutrition and health, with a new focus on lithium. As of today, FMC Corporation employs more than 7000 people globally and has set up bases all around the world. In 2015, the company realized $3.3 billions of total sales, $519 millions of adjusted operating profit, $2.47 of adjusted earnings per share, and 11% of return on invested capital (FMC Annual Report, 2015).

Competitive Positioning

Geographical diversification. The purchase of Cheminova has brought more global resources and helped FMC expanding its markets across South America, Europe and Asia Pacific, which increases the balance of revenue mix across different regions around the world and creates steady revenue streams. A variety of agricultural problems in different parts of the world help the company to develop more specialties, improve its formulation abilities, and broaden its innovation. With greater demand, the company has increased its research and development investments and continued to commercialize its products.

Naturally-derived ingredients. In nutrition and health section,…...

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