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Comparing Career Options with 3m Subsidiaries in India and Spain

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Comparing Career Options with 3M Subsidiaries in India and Spain
1. Introduction
The choice between two subsidiaries of 3M will be evaluated for appropriateness considering a wide number of variables. 3M is a large multinational corporation with operations in more than 65 countries, including China and Norway and its headquarters are located in St Paul, MN (3M Website). Because of its innovation, 3M has developed a wide range of products used across many industries. What makes the company stand out is that it measures its progress according to a commitment to meeting the needs of society (3M Website). As it notes on its website, this means that it placed a high value on sustainability, with specific goals to address the challenges of environmental changes (3M Website).
3M has been making the newest businesses its core focus, with the increased need for products and services in the businesses of renewable energy and technology (3M Annual Report). Recent areas of growth have been in Industrials and Transportation Safety, Security and Protection Services, and Health Care (3M Annual Report). 3M also supplies materials used in the solar industry (3M Website). The various career paths at 3M fall under the following categories: Engineering: Corporate, Engineering: Manufacturing/Quality, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Communications & Sales, Research & Development, Sourcing Operations and Supply Chain (3M Website).
3M has turned environmental protection into a key business with technology like solar panels and with the large amount of resources it saves through environmental initiatives (3M Annual Report). This involves preventing pollution and waste at its source, which it has been doing since 1975 when it started Pollution Prevention Pays initiative, called 3P (3M Annual Report) This initiative not only reduced pollution by 3.5 billion pounds, but also saved the company $1.5 billion (3M Annual Report). Each year, employees from its subsidiaries voluntarily create new implementations that reduce waste (3M Website). It keeps track of its greenhouse gas emissions for all of its facilities and enforces policies for agreements with other organizations in order to reduce greenhouse gas production (3M Website).
Its marketing and sale organizations offer employment to many MBA graduates and sale professionals. Marketing is divided into categories ranging from Brand Development to Market Segmentation Management (3M Website). However, the area I’m interested in is Sourcing Operations. This is part of 3M’s supply chain organization which works through collaboration to support all corporate businesses. Sourcing Operations provide services that maximize cost reduction, process development, and risk management (3M Website). I would be applying for a job in the business division of sourcing which helps improve the effectiveness of global teams (3M Website).
2. MNC Subsidiaries.
3M Political Environment in China
In May, 2012, 3M was recognized in China for topping the list of “China Green Companies Top 100” (“Driver of innovation”). 3M has shown that it is dedicated to promoting economic development in China, but also promoting long term sustainability practices and environmental projects (“Driver of innovation”). Using green initiatives as a source of innovation will keep 3M continuing its standing as an environmentally-friendly company in China where environmental awareness is very high. This would suggest that the company will stay ahead from the political and social standpoint.
3M Economic Environment in China
3M was recognized as one of China’s “2012 Best Performing Companies” in the Global Entrepreneur magazine (3M China). Some of the attributes of the company that are responsible for making the list are: planning for the future, profitability, innovation, brand image, and social responsibility (3M China). One of the keys to success in China which tends to suggest positive long term prospects at the company is 3M’s diversified business that follows what is needed in China (3M China). Also that it has localized innovation has made it a leading multinational in the Chinese market (3M China).
President of the Greater China Global Central Executive Committee, Mr. Yu Junxiong said that: “"Hefei emerging as the Chinese PV industry gathering place with unlimited potential, we have this confidence in cooperation. as the earliest representatives of the foreign-invested enterprises to enter China, 3M actively promote the "Made in China" strategy, established in China R & D, manufacturing, sales market for the perfect corporate network integration, this investment is 3M "Made in China" strategy in the new the continuation of the energy sector, investment in the "hardware" at the same time, we will be the introduction of 3M's advanced R & D, manufacturing and environmental management concept "software", to actively promote local science and technology, to create green photovoltaic industry chain. "(“3M to participate”).
This comment was in response to questions regarding the investment project in Hehei High-tech Zone that is going to start producing photovoltaic power generating solar panels (“3M to participate”). This was a large addition to 3M’s production base totaling 1 billion to the project that is supposed to be completed by the end of 2012 (“3M to participate”). This shows that 3M is ready to invest in the growing industry as China is the third biggest producer of solar cell technology (“3M to participate”). That 3M is responsive to the changing economy regarding environmental protection is very promising for future growth. In Taiwan, recently in 2012, Ma Ying-jeou was re-elected as president which will mean further prosperous relationship with the PRC (McDonell). The more stability between Taiwan’s government and the PRC the better for the economy and therefore better for a career at 3M.
3M in Norway 3M was established in Norway in 1962 (3M Website). It reaches markets in health, business, traffic and safety, and all of the other industries targeted by its product range. For example, 3M purchased Food Diagnostics AS in 2008 (“3M Aquires Food Diagnostics AS”). Many of 3M’s companies are directly tied to Norway’s economy. For example one company is Marine Consultant, which produces steel, fiberglass, chemicals and other materials and products for the marine industry (3M Website). It also operates a building materials company and a company for waste management services (3M Website).
The 3M location in Norway is very different from the Shanghai location. For one thing, it is not in a large metropolitan area, but instead is outside of the main city. However, it is close to Oslo, and so would not be very far from a big city. This is a very good thing since it might be harder to find a place to rent living away from the city.
Political and Economic Environment in Norway
Norway’s economy is built around the oil industry The government also helped Norway’s longstanding high economy through its use of an oil fund which it saves oil profits every year and applies them to future social programs (Thomas). Even though the economic depression hurt many economies around the globe, Norway was able to grow its economy and have a government surplus of 11 percent (Thomas). It oil exports has led the country to have one of the highest average salaries next to Luxembourg (Thomas). The high salary and lower cost of living for large expenses would make it an attractive place to work.
3. Living Conditions in China and Norway
Living in China
3M has had operations in China since 1984 and has it headquarters in Shanghai (3M Website). Working at the Shanghai location would make it more convenient to live nearby. There are places to rent close to the headquarters, and many of them would not require high moving expenses, such as with furnished houses. One current option found on Craigslist is located at the intersection of Yanqing Road and Donghu Road in the former French Concession district. This is a 3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms with cost of $5,200 per month. To reduce and share costs I would look for 2 other roommates to split rent and utilities with. This would be a very convenient location since the travel distance would only be a few blocks to the subway station and then a 2 mile subway trip on the line 10 branch to work.…...

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